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It is an application program that in real time displays the spectrum of the voice input from your Android phone's microphone. A horizontal axis is a music scale.
A display position can be adjusted by dragging horizontally.
Scaling of the display range of a scale can be carried out in pinch zoom operation.

[ feature ]
・The spectrum of the voice input from your Android phone's microphone is in real time displayed.
・A horizontal axis is displayed by the music scale.
・Display 7 octaves from C1 to B7.
・It corresponds to a horizontal rotation of the screen.
・The basic frequency (pitch) is presumed and it displays it.
・It correspond to a drug and pinch zoom.
・Recording and playback
・Save/Load function

[ How to use ]
Please input the voice from your Android phone's microphone. The spectrum is in real time displayed. It corresponds to a horizontal rotation.

[ Pitch detection ]
When the pitch is presumed, a blue vertical line is displayed at the position of the music scale.
Moreover, value (Hz) of the pitch and the music scale name are displayed in the top of the screen.
When the voice contains two or more musical instruments and harmonies, it is not possible to analyze it correctly.

[ Recording and playback ]
Only 3 minutes you can record.

 $2.00 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Jan 10, 2016 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Feb 10
Version 1.5.0

- Added the pitch hold feature
- Added the feature to import a wave file(44.1kHz/16bit only)

Jul 30
Version 1.4.0

- Added option to choose the frequency resolution
- Added the peak hold feature
- Added option to smooth tuner

Jul 22
Version 1.3.0

- Added a feature to send a recorded audio file to somewhere(e.g. Google Drive)

Jan 21
Version 1.2.0

- Improved frequency resolution of spectrum
- Improved pitch analysis accuracy
- Pinch zoom enabled in the vertical direction
- Added hold function
- Added option to change 440 Hz from A4 to A3

Jan 10
Version 1.1.9

Previous 3 versions

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