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Sing with Red Karaoke: the Largest Online Karaoke in the world streamed directly into your living room at full screen. Featured on the GoogleTV Market and the official GoogleTV blog!

☆ Let the fun begin with a choice of complimentary songs and take it to the next level by subscribing to access over 45,000 songs.

▶ The karaoke flat-rate also allows you to sing on every device Red Karaoke is on (mobile, web, TVs… )

☆ Share your Voice on TV!

▶ Watch on your TV the recordings you have made with your Android mobile Red Karaoke app, on the web, or Facebook (note: recording is not available on GoogleTV yet)

▶ Watch also other member’s recordings, vote and comment on them from your TV!

✔ Sound your best: use the pitch change tool to adapt the song to your voice.

✔ Sing at Full Screen! Enhanced for Full HD, High Resolution screens.

✔ Sing with a variety of background videos or just let the scrolling lyrics run on a blank background.

✔ Make your own list of favorite songs to throw a karaoke party!

✔ Sing along with today's Chart Toppers and popular Classics from every genre you like: Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Dance... from an ever-growing library!

✔ Huge variety of songs in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and other languages, with no burdensome country restrictions! You'll be able to sing songs from any artist or band you want no matter where you are located.

✔ Share your renditions: show off for your friends by posting your performances to Facebook or Twitter.

✔ Access your profile, with your list of favorite songs, singers and your own fans.

✔ Search by song title, artist or browse by genre. Don’t know what to sing? Try the song of the day or the random suggestion.

Learn more at http://www.redkaraoke.com/services

- We’d love to hear your queries, reports or suggestions! Drop us a line to: android@redkaraoke.com

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Launched Dec 05, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Aug 04
Version 1.5


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