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-- Harmonomics is an ear training tool for all musicians, from beginners to professionals --

The creator of the innovative metronome Metronomics has created an ear training app flexible enough to help YOUR ears, whether you are a beginner learning interval recognition or a professional who needs to recognize sequences of complex chords in inversions.

- 50+ exercises, from beginner to advanced
- Each exercise is customizable with exercise-specific settings
- Large chord library (over 35 chords, all of which come in different inversions)
- Creative exercises -- exercises that go beyond the usual interval, melody, and chord identification
- Detailed statistics for each exercise, plus the ability to send reports to a teacher
- Motivating "achievements" for accuracy, questions per day/week/month, etc
- and more!

Exercise Categories:
- Interval
- Melody
- Chord
- Chord Progression
- Scale
- Perfect/Relative Pitch

The details:
Harmonomics has over 50 exercises (more coming in updates) that can each be heavily customized to fit the your individual needs, regardless of your level or the genre of music you are working on. Musicians interested in improving their recognition of chord types will be thrilled to explore Harmonomics' large library of chords (over 35 types), all of which can be played in different inversions. No other app offers such a wide variety of chords that can be played in so many different ways.

Statistics play a big role in Harmonomics. Each exercise keeps track of your accuracy, the number of questions answered, average time per question, and more, letting you review your progress and see when and how quickly you're improving. Harmonomics also awards "achievements" as you work, such as recognition of doing 1000 questions a month or 250 questions in a session, keeping you motivated to stay vigilant about your ear training work. If you're a student, you can choose to send reports of your stats to a teacher.

Most ear training apps offer a limited number of exercises, including simple interval identification, melodic dictation, and chord identification. Harmonomics has all of those as well as clever and practical variations, such as exercises that ask you which degree of a chord a certain note is or which inversion a chord is being played in. Plus, each exercise can be customized; for example, a chord identification exercise can be limited to just inverted dominant chords with alterations and made to play three chords in a row, all of which must be identified correctly. No other app offers that level of advanced exercise to meet the needs of professionals.

Start using Harmonomics today and start expanding what your ears can hear.

Exercise Examples:
- Diatonic Major Melody
- Simultaneous Intervals
- Multiple Intervals
- Diatonic Notes to Key Center Relationship
- Root Movement of 7th Chords
- Harmonic Minor Modes
- Dominant Chords with Alterations
- Multiple Chords / Inversions
- Multiple Simultaneous Pitches

Chord Examples:
Maj7, min7b5, 7b9#11, Maj7#5, min11, 7sus4, 7#5#9, 7b5b9, min6/9, etc

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Version History

Launched Nov 20, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 16
Version 3.1.1

3.1 is here, with new features including an option for a harmonic 'palate cleanser' between questions. As I continue to improve version 3, please get in touch at info@harmonomicsapp.com if you have issues. Thanks for your support.

Feb 08
Version 3.1

3.1 is here, with new features including an option for a harmonic 'palate cleanser' between questions. As I continue to improve version 3, please get in touch at info@harmonomicsapp.com if you have issues. Thanks for your support.

Jan 29
Version 3.0.3

Bug fixes. As I continue to iterate version 3.0, please get in touch at info@harmonomicsapp.com if you encounter issues! Thanks for the support.

Jan 12
Version 3.0.1

Ironing out some small bugs in the new version. Please contact info@harmonomicsapp.com if you encounter any issues. Thanks for your support!

Jan 06
Version 3.0

Harmonomics for Android has been completely rewritten!

- New exercises, including a new "Theory" category
- A more interactive summary screen when you've finished an exercise
- In select exercises, tapping and holding an answer will display a notated version of the answer
- Tap the info bar at the bottom of an exercise to show even more real-time performance information
- Better graphs to tracks your stats, including rolling average lines

Sep 20
Version 1.0.4

Bug fix for main screen stats

May 12
Version 1.0.3

Bug fix -- fix for changing the tempo of exercises

Dec 29
Version 1.0.2

Bug fixes

Dec 07
Version 1.0.1

Fixes a bug that required restarting the app to continue playing in some cases

Nov 19
Version 1.0

Harmonomics for Android is finally here!

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