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→Do you want ambient music at your Pen & Paper RPG table?

→Do you wish you could have background sound effects like a village market to bring your campaign setting to life?

→Do you wish you could really hear that Dragon Roar? Or the awesome cleave of that Greataxe?

Fantasy Soundboard is meant to bring any Tabletop RPG campaign setting to life. Sounds and music will increase immersion, remind players where they are, and promote creativity. It will work for any game system, whether its Pen and Paper, like DnD or PF, Board Games, or anything else. Fantasy Soundboard is created by a gamer, tested with real gaming groups, and is made just for gamers as a tool for Dungeon Masters and Players alike. Couple it with a nice bluetooth speaker to get the best experience!

☆ Features ☆

★ Sound Effects
Over 400 Sound Effects are available in the app. They are organized into categories to find them more easily. There are sounds for monsters, combat, magic, animals, and people. There are even extra categories for some modern and sci-fi sounds, too! Great for critical rolls!

★ Music
30 different music tracks are in the app for setting the mood. Automatic looping is set up so you can set it and forget it. There are tracks for exploration, battle, horror, and many other moods.

★ Loops
40 loops to create ambiance in your setting. Sounds like a Forest, a noisy Tavern, or a Village Market help immerse your players into the setting by created a great backdrop. All automatically loop for a plug and play experience.

★ Sound Mixer
Create your own soundscapes! The powerful sound mixer tool allows you to set the volume for every sound effect, music track, and loop individually, and fade them out when you need to. Keep your music low, loops a little higher, and the sound effects at max volume to create an immersive feel where players can talk over music, but still enjoy the sound effects.

★ Favorites
You can organize sounds using the favorites tool. You can have as many as you'd like - separate by Campaign, Party, or maybe by Adventure, or Scenes. This allows you to have quick access to whatever sound effects you need without scrolling through all the large lists.

★ Ringtone/Notification
Everything in the app can be set as a Ringtone or a Notification. Want a Dragon Roar when you get a phone call, or a Wilhelm Scream when you get an email? No problem!

★ Tablet Support
Tablets get an extra wide layout with more buttons on screen making it easier to find what you're looking for!

★ Landscape Support
Landscape mode is also supported if you can't find room for your phone in portrait mode at the table!

So what are you waiting for? Add this great tool to your Tabletop RPG component pouch! Its a great, free, plug and play experience for the dungeon master all the players at the table!

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Version History

Launched Apr 04, 2013 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Mar 15
Version 2.5.14

- Fixed a crash bug in the new messaging system.
- Fixed a crash caused by the stop all sounds button.
- Added a single prompt to ask users who haven't removed to ads if they would like to.
- Removed a duplicate female scream from the sound list.
- Tooltips have been added.

Nov 05
Version 2.5.13

Created a new system for interacting with users which makes asking for ratings more streamlined.
Added a dialog to ask about advertisement personalization to comply with the new GDPR regulations.

May 31

- Fixed a crash bug associated with the new app tutorial on some devices.
- Fixed a crash bug related to dependencies for appodeal.
- Fixed a crash bug caused by animations on the mixer.

May 09
Version 2.5.11

- Made error messages when there is a failure to set a ringtone or notification more clear.
- Improved performance when pressing a button to play a sound.
- Buttons now have a visible reaction to being pressed.
- Fixed another in app billing related crash.

Apr 11
Version 2.5.10

- Added a close button (x) to all dialog windows.
- Fixed some compatibility issues with Android Oreo.
- Fixed a crash bug caused by the new looping system. This new looping system was meant to be beta only but I accidentally included it in the production build as well.

Apr 04
Version 2.5.9

- All dismissive selections in dialogs are now on the left (to fall in line with android guidelines).
- Set volume sliders to have a maximum value of 100 instead of 10 to remove grit/jumpiness from the volume control.
- Fixed another very minor crash bug related to In App Purchases.
- Switched back from the 9patch, it ended up having a negative impact on performance.

Mar 28
Version 2.5.8

I've created a beta testing Google Community! https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/102239876190235138880
- Fixed where devices running Android 5 or earlier could not dismiss menus.
- Switched to Appodeal.
- The Ad is now at the bottom of the screen.
- If you've removed ads the blank bar will be gone.
- Changed the button to a 9patch to increase performance.
- Fixed a crash bug related to In App Purchases.
- Updated the long press (context) menu to the new look.

Mar 22
Version 2.5.6

- Updated quite a few of the old alert dialog menus to the new appearance.
- Changed the icon for the stop button on the mixer.
- Changed the stop button in the mixer so it removes the sound from the mixer right away.
- Removed the gradient from buttons to improve performance on older devices.
- Integrated Google Firebase.
- Fixed a crash bug when creating a favorites list with an invalid name, renaming a list to the same as another, or creating a list with a name that already exists.

Mar 15

Hey everyone! Looks like my release last night had a crash bug involved with the fade out when you stop sounds! This is a quick release that should fix the issue. Sorry, guys! Happy gaming!

Mar 05
Version 2.5.5

- Fixed the problem with the Mixer losing sounds when the device is rotated.
- Changed to a new app icon. Hope you like it!
- Another crash bug was fixed.
- Made some nicer high res icons
Updated the appearance of the favorites menu - a few more to update still
- The mixer can now scroll if it fills with too many items
- Set up wake lock so sounds can play while the device is locked

Feb 20
Version 2.5.4

- Set music to loop automatically
- Fixed another crash bug
- Replaced the "stop sounds" button with a new mixer feature which can:
- Adjust the volume of individual sounds
- Fade sounds out

Feb 14
Version 2.5.3

- Added about 200 new sounds
- Fixed an error that made the app unable to play sounds after the stop button has been used too many times
- Fixed a crash bug related to in app purchases
- Updated the app name
- Updated the help menu

Feb 07
Version 2.5.2

-Added a fallback for users who have bought the old "High Fantasy Soundboard Premium" app - if it is found on this phone paid features are automatically unlocked.
-Moved favorites to a heart icon at the top right
-Improved the appearance of most of the app (dialogs still need work later)
-Fixed a couple of crashes...

Jan 31
Version 2.5.1

Complete rebuild of app from ground up

Apr 03
Version 2.3.3

- Fixed a bug that was causing a crash in landscape mode
- Added a button to view the changelog to the help menu
- Added Dice Roller to the drop down list
- Added function to save and load favorites lists

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