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Ever wanted to be able to listen again to that amazing improvisation line that your teacher played?

This app contains more than 80 notated audio snippets and licks recorded from a professional jazz player. This edition focuses on resolutions (II-V-Is to major / minor) and adds examples for well-known standards, major blues, minor blues and “rhythm & changes”. Hints and harmonic theory references are also provided for each example. Notation can be automatically adapted for Bb / Eb instruments.

This app is suited for people who are learning jazz improvisation and already know the basics (chord types / scales) or have other sources for learning harmonic theory. It isn’t a tutorial or a class, but rather a collection of interesting fragments which can be studied individually.

You might have realized, despite having mechanically learned so many chords and scale types, how difficult it is to develop true solid jazz improvisation skills. Knowing what notes you are "allowed" to play is not enough to play like the masters. You need to transcript and play what the professionals play, the same way a kid learns a language by listening and repeating what native speakers say and how they say it. But you shouldn’t just imitate others. You get parts of the language that you like and incorporate them to your own way of playing. Long-term, you create your own improvisational language.

By playing along and studying how a professional plays, you will incorporate the "jazz language" much more efficiently.

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Launched Sep 20, 2018 (4 months ago).
Sep 20
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