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Caustic Content Pack -- Caustic 3 Content Pack

Builderz Pro Instrumentals, this is a revolutionary new concept in how you use the Finest Pocket Music Workstation on the Planet. This new batch of instrument presets (50+ here) are loaded up as Song Files. When you find a super preset that you want to use, then you can "builderz" build onto it and create a cool groove quickly.

You can add Builderz-style presets on top of what you initially loaded up, even though it takes a few steps, I explain this in the video linked to in this listing.... you can email me at any time with any issues or questions. I WILL be happy to help ANY TIME.

I am very excited about this, with connecting MIDI gear to your device, makes playing Builderz Pro presets LIVE a completely new experience on any mobile music workstation app, that will make you shine on stage, with sounds that can rival or exceed that of modern hardware synth workstations. You can do all of this on your phone via MIDI.

Also note that you can save individual synth machine presets to create your own Builderz Pro sounds or use them as stand-alone modules for whatever project of any music style.

You are about to experience Caustic 3.1+ in a revolutionary new way, and I am currently working on Builderz DSP ToolBox featuring an entire new concept of effects creation and advanced signal routing, you will not find anywhere else.

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Launched Jul 15, 2014 (over 4 years ago).
Jul 15
Version 2.0.0


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