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Doctor Compás is a unique flamenco metronome that never plays the same sample twice in a row, and simulates improvised palmas and cajón with incredible precision and musicality for all flamenco palos at any tempo you choose. Brought to you by Maissam Barkeshli and Jason McGuire "El Rubio", Doctor Compás is an easy to use practice tool to improve your flamenco rhythmic skills. Whether you are a guitarist, dancer or singer, student or professional, Doctor Compás can improve your rhythmic accuracy and sense of soniqueté. Install on your android device, plug into a sound system or earphones, hit the start button and play, sing or dance along.

The free version provided here includes unlimited access to Tangos, and other palos play for 30 seconds. To purchase the full version of Doctor Compás, first download the free version and then upgrade to the full version from within the application.

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Version History

Launched Mar 05, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).
Mar 05
Version 1.0


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