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Have you thought about an easier way for your chorus members to learn their parts? ChorusClass is an app that makes it possible for chorus members to practice at home, school, work or anywhere, with a single tap on your phone.
Record voice or instrument parts and invite members to your chorus. Now your members can practice in between rehearsals. This gives the chorus rehearsals more time for singing together.

Record multipart harmonies with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet and rehearse by muting/unmuting the different parts while you sing along. Recording for yourself is completely free. Upgrade to an ”Unlimited” account to share your recordings with chorus members or collaborate by having different singers record different parts of the same song. Perfect for chorus voice leaders.

Learn more at www.chorusclass.com

Free User:
- Recording and practicing yourself is completely free.
- Super simple multi-track player/recorder
- Metronome & pitch pipe
- Maximum of 3 songs recorded in "My songs" folder
- Maximum of 1 Chorus membership
- Automatic cloud backup

Plus features:
- Unlimited songs recorded in "My songs" folder
- Unlimited Chorus memberships
- Loop songs or section of a song
- Set tracks to half volume
- view pdf files in app
- Ad free

PRO Features:
- All PLUS features
- Create an unlimited number of chorus folders
- Unlimited number of members in a chorus folder
- Move songs between choruses
- Copy songs from one chorus you own to another
- Collaborate with other PRO users by recording different parts of the same song
- Administer members and grant admin rights

Subscription Information:
- Upgraded membership requires a ChorusClass account (registered inside the app) to start a subscription
- Start your subscription via your account screen in the app
- Unlimited membership is $4.99 / month* and PLUS membership is 2.49 / month*
- Subscription will automatically renew unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours before expiration
- The subscription can be managed/canceled on the app's Google Play page
- Read our general terms: https://www.chorusclass.com/terms
- ...and privacy policy: https://www.chorusclass.com/privacy-policy

*Or the equivalent amount in your local currency, according to Google's currency conversion matrix

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Version History

Launched May 06, 2017 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 09
Version 2.1.1

Rearrange Track button added
Fixed issues with upload box in recording screen
Added separate upload box for PDFs
Upload boxes are no longer drop zones
Minor bug fixes

Dec 29
Version 2.1.0

- Improved communication on upgraded features.
- PLUS users can now set the Loop feature to a specific section of the song by shortening the loop.
- PDF files can now be viewed in app. Just upload them the same way you would an audio file.
- Added accept all button to join requests
- Major fix for recording drivers to compensate for recorded tracks getting out of sync.
- Minor graphics touch-up

Nov 14
Version 2.0.9

- Added information about upgrade features
- Fixed issue with create song not being available
- Added information in empty songs
- Simplified recording screen while recording
- Recent Songs now show 3 songs, rather than 5
- Songs are now sorted by track name
- Too long titles now scroll

Oct 16
Version 2.0.8

- Trying to access Plus/Unlimited features of the app now brings up a dialog with information.
- Some buttons now get disabled while recording a track.
- 3/4 signature added
- Fixed bug where the ChorusCode didn't get the new font.
- Fixed bug where the tops of track names were cut off.
- Fixed bug where warning signs weren't red.
- Fixed bug where song names could be empty.

Oct 04
Version 2.0.7

Accepting Join request bug fixed
Minor bug fixes

Sep 13
Version 2.0.5

-New font style for chorus code to make it clearer
-Added intro slides
-Added in app tutorial
-In app notification for pending Join requests
-Minor bug fixes
-Secret Chorus folder added ;)

Aug 19
Version 2.0.3

- Fixed a bug where logging out froze the app.
- Fixed a bug where subscriptions didn't load in upgrade screen
- Fixed a bug where some songs only buzzed.
- Improved database communications.

Jul 26
Version 2.0.2

-Quit Chorus button now doesn't appear for the chorus's owner.
-Quit Chorus now brings up a confirmation dialog.
-Fixed bug where songs in choruses users had left still appeared in Recent Songs.
-Fixed bug where deleted and moved songs still appeared in the chorus.
-Fixed bug where Unlimited and Evergreen users couldn't access Loop feature.
-Fixed bug where Unlimited and Evergreen users couldn't access 50% volume feature.
-Fixed bug where users had problems with recording songs offline.

Jul 23
Version 2.0.0

New look with streamlined User flow
New subscription levels.
New features:
-Join Chorus
-Loop song
-Half volume on tracks
-Mute all button
-In app members screen
-In app invite member
-Chorus info Screen with Chorus code
-Continue play song in background

Mar 13

Sample song "White Christmas" removed
Recording bug fixed

Mar 08

Sample song "White Christmas" removed
Minor bug fixes

Nov 14

Improved metronome
Improved stability in synchronization to database
Removed songs "Si Goafton" and "Nu Grönskar Det" from Sample Songs
Added new song to Sample Songs

Nov 08

Bug with tracks not appearing on iOS devices fixed
Fixed bug with uploading tracks to database
Fixed bug with old tracks heard when recording new song
Issue with renaming tracks resolved
Issue with renaming song not saving new tracks resolved

Oct 11
Version 1.0

Recording feature updated and improved
Offline recording enabled
Major bugfixes

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