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Stage Plot Maker helps you build clear, readable stage plots to communicate your band's technical requirements to a sound engineer. You can build a collection of stage plots for different kinds of gigs, then print or email them directly from your mobile device.

A tablet is recommended for building stage plots. Once you build a stage plot, you can copy it to your phone for quick access on the go.

Stage plots can include a diagram to show the placement of elements on stage; numbered input and output lists; a list of other required items like chairs and music stands; the name and photo of each performer; notes for the sound engineer; and your contact info.

The app includes graphics for the following items:

- Inputs: vocal mic, instrument mic, area mic, clip mic, kick drum mic, DI box, XLR input
- Outputs: wedge monitor, spot monitor, fill monitor, in-ear monitor, headphone amp
- Instruments: amp, cymbal, drum, kick drum, keyboard, grand piano, pedal steel, xylophone
- Other: stairs, riser, stool, chair, music stand, horn stand, guitar stand, guitar rack, power outlet, mixer, laptop, isolation panel, fan

This app does not include graphics for small instruments that performers carry with them onto the stage, only large instruments like keyboards and drums that require prior placement on stage. The app design assumes that graphics for smaller instruments clutter stage plots and are relatively unimportant to the sound engineers and stage techs who will use them. Instead of a graphic for these instruments, stage plots can include a graphic for the input they use (a mic or DI box) with a custom label like "trumpet mic" or "DI for acoustic guitar." If you do not agree with this approach to stage plot design, or if you want to make stage plots that look different from the examples shown in the screen shots and demo video, you should select a different app.

>>> If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact me before writing a bad review. I respond promptly to all emails and posts in my support forum. <<<

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Version History

Launched Jun 27, 2017 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Aug 14
Version 1.0.4

- Fixed a problem that hid stage plot items added on some devices.

- Fixed the Paste Items button.

- Fixed a crash when sending email attachments on Android 8.

- Changed the print button to use the build-in Android print manager instead of the Cloud Print interface.

Apr 27
Version 1.0.3

Fixed the disabled layering buttons in the item edit popup.

Apr 23
Version 1.0.2

Fixed the disabled Select a Photo button on the performer edit page.

Aug 03
Version 1.0.1

- Fixed a problem that clipped a portion of the stage plot view on lower-resolution devices.

- Fixed a crash when submitting troubleshooting info or screen shots to the help desk.

- Updated the Android backup system to include performer photos, if their combined size is less than 4.75 MB. Google imposes a 5 MB limit on backups, and this leaves room for your stage plot data.

Jun 27
Version 1.0

Initial release.

Previous 3 versions

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