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Katie Agresta Vocal Studios is happy to announce our new online consultation service called Direct Access. This service is available for those who have purchased my new App called Performance Day! This App is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play.

Within the App is a large selection of vocal exercises and a library of very useful information about how to manage your voice. This information is especially useful for the day of a performance. However, the content of the App can be easily applied to many other situations where you may need help with the ongoing training and development of your voice.

The App contains both Warm-Up and Warm-Down Exercises for the Male and Female Voices. There are also Speaking Exercises and many Various Scale Sequences and Patterns for you to include in your vocal practice sessions.

When you make use of our on-line service, I will be able to evaluate your voice and then give you feedback and specific instructions as to which exercises from the App which will benefit you the most at the current time.

Based on what I hear in your recorded submission, I will personally recommend to you which sequence of exercises to practice. After you have worked with those patterns for a while, you can submit a new recording of your voice and I will give you new suggestions as to what to do next.

There are no appointments necessary for this service. Email submissions will be answered strictly on a first come, first serve basis. We will answer as quickly as to assist you in making the most progress possible as quickly as possible!!

 $12.99 in Google Play


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