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This is the application for you! With songs from the zombies soundtrack, you not only listen to the music, but also can sing it through the lyrics in this application with the romanized type. Learning how to sing zombies music soundtracks is amazing. This application will make you dig deeper into legend hits from zombies soundtracks such as Wind, Harmonia, Hero's Come Back !!!, Alive, Closer, Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni, and many others.

HOW DO I USE THE APPLICATION Zombies song lyrics?

1. Open the zombies song application
2. Select the song you want to listen to and watch the zombies Lyrics soundtrack
3. Enjoy zombies Music, dig deeper into lyrics and zombies

With the zombies soundtrack lyrics application, you will have an application that helps you master zombies easily. Your smartphone can have a zombies soundtrack application, but this is very lost if you don't get the zombie Lyrics & Music soundtrack application as part of your smartphone.

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Version History

Launched Dec 22, 2018 (3 months ago).
Dec 22
Version 1.0.0

1. Full of the latest songs from the Zombies soundtrack
2. Weekly updates with the latest hits from the zombies soundtrack
3. Compatible with 99% mobile phones. You can enjoy zombies soundtrack music at any time, anywhere on all smartphones
4. Optimized battery duration, zombies soundtracks only need to listen, and save on zombies Lyrics App's battery work
5. Simple and friendly interface, easy to listen to and track lyrics
6. Absolute accuracy in the lyrics


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