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A feature-rich, easy to use Android app designed for organizing and playing your music and sound effects at sporting events. Designed for both smart phones and tablets.

Currently used for high school baseball in High Point, NC as well as many adult and youth hockey teams in Minnesota!

All-Sports Soundboard is the official soundboard app of the Fighting Walleye Hockey Club, Inc.

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Customizable Buttons
- 21 or 40 buttons per preset*
- 840 or 1600 total buttons using all 40 presets*

* Depends on the device's screen size

Uses the audio files you have on your device, external/add-on SD card or attached USB storage device
- Supported audio file types: MP4, M4A, AAC, MP3, WAV
- Files protected by DRM are not supported

Track which buttons have been used

Search for an audio file by name and/or media tags

Trim the start and/or end of each audio file, set fade-in/out parameters, adjust volume/gain per audio file

Manually fade out at any point during playback

Add buttons to the play queue (automatically start when current audio complete)

Create and manage playlists

Map a button to a playlist; enable shuffle or continuous play

On-screen volume control and mute

On-screen battery meter

40 different presets

Each preset can be customized individually

Clone existing presets

Quickly switch between presets with the Main Menu, screen swipe or the navigation arrows

Presentation Mode
- Each button can do the following with a click or long-press: Play/Pause/Resume/Stop/Edit

Edit Mode
- Drag and drop to sort buttons
- Drag a button the to "Trash" to delete it
- Each button has an individual menu: Play/Pause/Resume/Stop/Add-Remove to Play Queue/Move/Copy/Edit/Delete/Reset Playlist/Skip Audio

Customization Capabilities
- Custom main title (preset)
- Add your team logo (preset)
- Enable/Disable individual presets (presets)
- Define a default media storage location (preset)
- Backgrounds - Select a sports theme or color (preset)
- Enable/Disable individual buttons (button)
- Select a border color for each button to organize groups (button)
- Custom HTML formatting for button display names (button)

Requires Android 5.0 or above

The free version is limited to:
- 10 buttons
- No presets
- No playlists
- Presentation Mode only

 $5.99 in Google Play


All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 1All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 2All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 3All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 4All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 5All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 6All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 7All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 8All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 9All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 10All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 11All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 12All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 13All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 14All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 15All-Sports Soundboard screenshot 16

Version History

Launched Oct 26, 2018 (5 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 26 days, on average.

Mar 06
Version 2.41

* Playlist Manager Updates
- When editing an item, changes were not saving
- Corrected duration time display

* Configure Presets renamed to Preset Manager

* Resolved an issue when resetting or skipping a playlist item the count on the button was not updating

* Resolved an issue where MUTE/EDIT was reset when using Playlist Manager or Preset Manager

* Improved screen swipe and arrow buttons for easier switching between presets

* Added Battery Meter

* Other fixes and enhancements

Feb 27
Version 2.32

Prevent the new release features message from opening more than once

Feb 25
Version 2.31

Screen Orientation fix for version 2.30

Feb 24
Version 2.30

1. Playlist Manager (PAID VERSION)
- Create, Edit and Sort Playlists>
- Uses same audio select options (fade, trim, gain)

2. New Button Configuration Options
- Auto fade-out on manual stop
- Select Playlist (PAID VERSION)
- Playlist - Shuffle (PAID VERSION)
- Playlist - Continuous Play (PAID VERSION)

3. Volume tuning improvements for more fine-tuned fading and volume controls

4. Important bug fixes

5. UI enhancements

Dec 27
Version 2.20

1. User-Interface updates
2. Fine-tuned volume and fade controls
3. Tracking feature to show which buttons have been used
4. New Audio Select Features - Media Search (name/folder, media-tags), Fade-In/Out, Increase/Decrease Gain (Volume)
5. Other important bug fixes and performance enhancements

Oct 26
Version 2.10

New release

Previous 3 versions

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