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Can you want to control your airpods from your smart phone device?

If you need this kind of tool to control your airpods then now Control your airpod/airbud become easy from smart phone. you have question how?

We overcome your problem we build one app/tool "Air Battery - Best Battery Level & Control Widget" which continuously upgrade status of your air pods and using this app you can handle other controls of your airpods.

You can handle various event of airpods through this air battery app like play, pause, volume up, volume down, next play, previous play and many more other.

Using this leading "airpod battery level - best control for airpods" app You can check the current battery detail of Airpods periodically through the notification alarm / GUI box. You can also observe the real time battery information in the notification window, you can also easily and quickly set the cycle through this "airdroid airpod battery app".

This "air battery life - Best Pods control" app through You can control various events like touch next / previous song / volume up / down / rewind / fast forward by registering events on touch 2/3 touch of Airpod.

It also have a amazing find function, it means if you lose or forget where is your airpods then you can find/explore your airpod and generate sound.

Very amazing key features of airbattery:
- Watch the battery level of AirPods 1 or 2
- Upgrade the battery status each and every second periodically
- Control the tapping events and other events of airpods
- Easily check the location of your airpods.
- Display Battery level of airpods in a live notification
- Automatic popup whenever AirPods are connected with smart device

How to use this app and control airpods through this app:
1. install "Air Battery - Best Battery Level & Control Widget", open the app once to enable permissions and change any settings you want.
2. Simply and Easily connect your AirPods and the app will start displaying their battery levels periodically.
3. you can also handle various tapping event of airpods

What is the usage of this app:
1) Easily handle the airpods control
2) Watch battery level each and every second periodically
3) Explore the location of airpods
4) generate sound & maintain sound.

Now no more wait go and install this app and handle or control your pods.

Guys if you like this app then for appreciation give good rating 5-stars, also share this app with friends and other without forgetting!

Thank you for installing and using this app. hope you get best experience!

Disclaimer: This App is not a airpods. this app is just a controlling app, which will handle various control of airpods, but it doesn't share your any personal detail so its a totally safe and secure app.

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Launched Mar 16, 2020 (10 months ago).
Nov 23
Version 1.3


Oct 14
Version 1.1

Mar 15
Version 1.0