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Whatlisten is the ideal app for music lovers. With it, it's easier than ever to download and listen to music on your smartphone. It has an integrated search bar that lets you find any song you feel like listening to and then quickly and easily download it to your phone. Plus Whatlisten comes with a built-in music player so you can store and organize the downloaded songs into different playlists.

The app also has an attractive and intuitive design that offers the possibility to download music, listen to it, and search for new music by artist, album, song, or genre. Plus you can create playlists according to your mood, or create special selections of your favorite songs from a specific artist.

The main appeal of Whatlisten over other music download apps is that it doesn't provide any complications when it comes to actually downloading the content. It has a very simple interface that makes it impossible to get confused or fall into the trap of pressing a button you don't mean to. Just type the name of the song or artist you want and a list opens up with all the matching results. When you find what you're looking for, just select the name of the song to have it immediately start downloading and start playing in the music player that comes integrated in the app.

Downloading and listening to music on your smartphone has never been easier than with Whatlisten.

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Version History

Launched Aug 20, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 14 days, on average.

Aug 01
Version 2.1.8

Added save online playlist option
Layout Changes
Bug Fixes

Jun 17
Version 2.1.7

Download fixes
Added the login option with Google
Small layout changes

Jun 06
Version 2.1.6

Android pre lollipop bug fixes
Download fixes

May 15
Version 2.1.5

Bug fixes:
music taking time to load
Some songs do not play

May 06
Version 2.1.41

Fixed bug in downloads
Layout changes
More results in searches
Corrections of small problems

May 05
Version 2.1.3

Correções de bugs e pequenas melhorias no desempenho.

Apr 07
Version 2.1.2

Apenas melhorias

Mar 31
Version 2.1.0

Correções de erros

Mar 29
Version 2.0.9

Correções de bugs

Feb 25
Version 2.0.8

Correção nas pesquisas

Feb 22
Version 2.0.7

Correções de bugs

Feb 14
Version 2.0.6

Adicionada função para reordenar playlist atual
Mudanças na interfaces
Novo layout da notificação
Correção de bugs

Jan 17
Version 2.0.5

Correção no player

Jan 17
Version 2.0.4

Correção de bug

Jan 16
Version 2.0.3

Correções de bug

Dec 13
Version 2.0.1

Correções de bug

Dec 12
Version 2.0.0

Melhoria na velocidade
Adicionado playlists recentes
Correções de bugs

Nov 11
Version 1.9.96

Oct 23
Version 1.9.95

Correção de bugs

Oct 19
Version 1.9.94

Melhorias no design
correção de bugs
stream mais rápido

Oct 07
Version 1.9.92

Correção de bugs:
Recomeçar a tocar só
Erros no downloads
e outros

Sep 29
Version 1.9.9

Agora não precisa baixar o conversor
Pequenos bugs corrigidos

Sep 22
Version 1.9.8

Melhoria no desempenho
Mudança na interface
Correção de bugs

Sep 14
Version 1.9.7

Aug 19
Version 1.9.5

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