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KatanaMan connects to your Boss Katana guitar amplifier via a USB cable. It allows direct control of many of the amp’s extensive features. Amp models, boost types, effects devices as well as basic amp controls can be selected and set from your device (phone or tablet) to create your desired tone.

Tones can be saved on your device as ‘patches’ for later use, and subsequently re-loaded into the amp with ease. The number of patches that can be saved on your device is limited only by the available storage.

Katana amplifier settings can be ‘tweaked’ and saved ‘on the fly’ making KatanaMan an ideal tool for the home guitarist, as well as practice sessions, studio work, on-stage performances etc.

SetLists of songs can be loaded which will ensure that the correct patch is loaded for each song as you progress through performance.

Connection Requirements:
In order to connect your phone or tablet to your Katana amplifier you will require:
- A Katana 100 amplifier (Katana 50 will also work but some features may not be available)
- A USB cable suited to your amplifier. See your amp’s documentation for details.
- An OTG cable adapter (assuming that your phone / tablet has a mini USB socket)
- Your Android device must support OTG / ‘Host Mode’

Not all Android devices are capable of talking to the Katana amplifier.

It is recommended that you use the KatanaMan Free version ensure that your device is suitable (see below for instructions on connecting to your amp)


Provides access to the Katana 'sneaky amps' - around 28 additional amp models included in the Katana amplifier firmware.

Supported Delay types:
Digital, Analog, Tape Echo, Reverse, Modulate

Supported Reverb types:
Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Modulate

Supported boost types:
All Katana boost types are supported

Supported effects:
Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, AutoWah, PedalWah, Compressor, GraphicEQ, ParametricEQ, SlowGear, Octave, Tremolo, Uni-V, Acoustic Guitar Sim, TWah, Limiter, Phaser, Rotary, Slicer, Vibrato, RingMod

(Support for more Katana effects are progressively being developed and will be included in future version upgrades.)

General Amp Settings
Noise Gate, and GlobalEQ, connection status light

The ability to save the current tone as a named patch. Patches can subsequently be re-loaded to your amp simply by tapping on the patch file. Patches can also be saved into the amp’s ‘Tone Setting Channels’ by long pressing the appropriate physical button on the amp. The number of patches that can be stored is limited only by the available storage on your Android device.

SetLists of songs, in order of performance, can be created - with each song ‘linked’ to the associated patch. As each song title in the list is tapped the corresponding patch is loaded into the amp. Great for live performances.

Related Apps
There are two apps which are designed to work with KatanaMan - KatanaSets for setlist management and KatanaSync for data back-up and restore.

For tips on connecting to your Katana amp see the web site, or view the KatanaMan Free app details.

 $10.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Dec 17, 2018 (about 1 month ago).
Dec 22
Version 2.2-pro

- reduced memory usage
- disabled logging
- fixed occasional crash when adjusting Mod / Fx parameters

Dec 17
Version 2.0c-pro

First release of KatanaMan Pro. Minor fix in text colours


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