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Let your dreams of the guitar come true!

Our guitar simulator sounds like an original acoustic guitar, so you don’t need to carry around the real guitar. Learn chords, practice guitar and become the skilled guitarist at the short time!

Impress everyone with the ultimate guitar music or learn to play guitar without making any noise as a piece of cake! Download this play guitar app, set your favorite guitar chords and start your way to the music glory!

Everything that you have looking for in different guitar games and center is here, in our guitar app:

🎸 High-quality sound
- User-friendly interface
- Realistic detailed guitar strings and body
- Hours of cool guitar practice
- Easy-to-use guitar for all ages and levels
🎸 Add and remove needed chords

Guitar simulator features:

Guitar music now always with you on your phone! With this guitar app, you can play guitar anywhere and anytime (works offline).

Our learn guitar beginner free program is highly balanced. Use this guitar tool to practice guitar, grind your skills and play many top songs. Enjoy the stable guitar playing!

No matter what guitar you prefer: electric, classic or acoustic. Our gitar will fit everyone, cause you can set the number and variations of the basic guitar chords. Thus, the question “how to play acoustic guitar” disappears by itself.

Use our guitar free app as a child’s toy! It is a good distraction for kids. Let your child play the guitar and guitar playing will take him at least an hour. To tell the truth, this guitar app free is so addictive, that you may not want to share it.

Study easy and simply!. Our learn to play guitar free app has user-friendly interface and even those, who never playing guitar and want to know how to play the guitar can easily use this gitar.

A guitarist, who looks for the app for the guitar training, will rate this guitar simulator for its reliability and realistic sound. Just try out guitar strings of our guitar app free and it’ll be love from the first chord.

How to play guitar? Easy for now! Just set our app about how to play a guitar without real guitar and staying at home.

Realize your music potential and play the guitar with our guitar! Learn to play guitar, acoustic guitar chords, and play super guitar games like as no one before!

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Version History

Launched Oct 15, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 10
Version 2.2

Error fixed

Sep 19
Version 2.1

Error fixed

Jul 10
Version 2.0

Error fixed

Jul 09
Version 1.12

Guitar Generation
Settings for solo mode
Slider stands in the position of full fret
Bugs fixed

May 22
Version 1.10

Error fixed

Apr 25
Version 1.9

Error fixed

Apr 23
Version 1.8

Error fixed

Apr 08
Version 1.2

Fixed bugs

Jan 28
Version 1.1

Fixed error

Jan 14
Version 1.0

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