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  • The most downloaded Shopping apps in the U.S. in 2023 were Temu (113M) and SHEIN (68M). 
  • In its first full year, Temu grew 482% YoY. SHEIN, in its ninth year, grew 65% YoY.
  • A smaller percentage of Temu shoppers use SHEIN than vice versa, but that trend is reversing in the latter half of the year.

A month after PDD Holdings reported Temu taking share from SHEIN in Q3 earnings – and one month closer to the impending SHEIN IPO – it’s impossible not to zoom in on the two leading our Most Downloaded Shopping apps in the U.S. in 2023. 

Downloads, which are first-time installs only, speaks to advertising conversion. Both companies invest heavily in advertising, and it’s notable to see SHEIN at 65% YoY growth, compared to 34% YoY in 2022, off the back of category expansion as it builds a marketplace.

Engagement activity among users of both SHEIN and Temu in our device panel reveals high competitive intensity. SHEIN shoppers using Temu grew throughout the year, reaching over 60% in July. In late November, SHEIN shoppers on Temu declined to 55%. Conversely, Temu shoppers using SHEIN, while a smaller percentage, has grown since January 2023 to 25% mid-Q4.

Compare the shared customer activity of Temu and SHEIN with that of Temu and Amazon: