Sparked by our “new normal” of social distancing, the Telehealth app market is seeing its highest engagement in history. Telehealth apps are those that provide healthcare services digitally. These include Teledoc (or “Telemedicine”) apps which allow you to interact directly with a provider or care team. The top 15 Teledoc apps increased net new installs (new users) 59% YoY, and April marked their best performing month on record. 

For this research, we looked at MyChartK HealthAetna HealthTeladochealowDoctor on DemandMDLIVELiveHealthAmwellFollowMyHealth98point6Babylon HealthDoximityHeyDoctor by GoodRxTelehealth by SimplePracticePlushCare, and Medici. We are analyzing therapy apps, RX apps, and miscellaneous medical treatment apps in separate markets. 

telemedicine is on the rise

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In April, we collectively opened these apps over 150 million times. So, we not only installed them more than ever, but we got good use out of them, too. While our data shows worldwide numbers, the U.S. was responsible for the majority of this usage, as many of these apps are only available stateside. 

teledoc and telemedicine apps high usage social distancing

Epic’s MyChart is the largest app of the market, having accumulated approximately 20 million lifetime installs and 3.6 million installs in 2020. Comparing the month of January to the past 30 days, the app increased daily active users (DAU) 78%. Healow, K Health, Teladoc, Doctor on Demand and Aetna Health are the five next most installed Teledoc apps of 2020, in that order. 

MyChart app grows due to social distancing

This newfound interest in telemedicine has helped the smaller apps get a needed lift too. Medici saw a whopping 7,000% YoY gain in DAU. Telehealth by Simple Practice grew over 1,000%, 98point6: +500%, HeyDoctor: +260% and Doximity: +136%. An honorable mention here is MDacne, which grew almost 350% YoY. I did not include this app in our market because it is less of a Teledoc app, and more of an acne treatment app. 

fastest growing telemedicine

Social distancing requirements are easing, but I don’t think this market will be trending down anytime soon. My friends using these apps have reported how quick and painless telemedicine is in comparison to a regular doctor visit. Personally, I’m sold. Are you?