Living in a mobile-first world

What was the first thing you reached for this morning? I’m betting it was your mobile phone. According to the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own a mobile phone and at least 1-in-5 Americans are “smartphone-only” internet users. 

This is why more and more businesses (hopefully yours included) are adopting mobile-centric strategies and offering services via mobile app. Whether it’s checking email, buying car insurance, or finding a partner, nearly all of life’s tasks can now be completed on-the-go. 

This makes mobile app data a powerful indicator of real trends and events. Take these Apptopia findings, for instance: 

These represent just a few of the ways in which mobile app data can help us capture the economic and social behaviors of people, in real time, across the globe.

Understanding mobile app intelligence 

Mobile app intelligence can give color and context to the world around us. But what exactly is it? Mobile app intelligence or more simply, “mobile intelligence,” is a form of competitive intelligence, which consists of data derived from mobile apps. This data includes performance metrics such as:

Performance metrics reveal how well an app is doing in the app stores. This quantitative data can be viewed in different levels of granularity, depending on your analytical needs. Aside from these KPIs, mobile app intelligence also consists of app metadata like:

  • About information
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • SDK installs
  • Ad creatives
  • User demographics
  • Version history
  • Updates

This data is more qualitative in nature. It helps us understand how app publishers are managing, developing and promoting their apps. By combining this information with performance data, you’ll get a more complete picture of the mobile market. 

Leveraging mobile app intelligence 

With over 7 million apps in the app store, there’s a ton of data out there to digest…and leverage. Brands who’ve already caught on to this are weaponizing the data to drive mobile growth. Those who aren’t following suit risk losing their competitive edge. Mobile app intelligence can help you:

  • Learn from your competitors
  • Benchmark your app
  • Identify market opportunity
  • Understand ROI of specific product features
  • Optimize user experience & increase engagement
  • Enhance your marketing & advertisement strategy
  • Generate & enrich leads

Whether you’re in marketing, product, or sales, mobile app intelligence can assist you in achieving your business goals. But, most importantly, it can offer transparency into an otherwise difficult-to-understand mobile economy. With more transparency, comes greater innovation and progress. That’s a huge win for all of us.  

If you’re not sure how you’d best leverage mobile app intelligence, feel free to explore our blog to discover real use cases, or reach out to one of our app intelligence specialists at