June product updates are here and include improvements to two of our core tools: Market Explorer –  for apps/publishers tracking competitors, and Report Builder –  for mobile service providers building prospecting lists. 

Easier competitive market creation in Market Explorer

Plus, how to use each feature to set up Direct Competitor and Indirect Competitor markets

1. Search apps by keywords 

You can now identify your competition by app store keyword rank in Market Explorer. Just click the “Apps by Keyword” tab, search for and select a keyword, and you will see the top apps that rank for that keyword. The country selector will adjust results based on keyword rank in the selected country.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (8)

Branded keywords will likely yield your Direct Competition, but variations to it can reveal your Indirect Competition. Notice the difference between “live shopping” above and “live shopping app” below.  

Indirect Competitors have different features and use cases but compete for the same share-of-wallet. Usually it will be apps in the same app category that are complementary (i.e., a meditation app and a fitness app). You want to have a market for Indirect Competitors, in addition to Direct Competitors for several reasons:

  • Inspiration for targeting your ideal users (after all, you view their product as complementary to yours).
  • When resources get lean, consumers are choosing between the two. 
  • Indirect Competition might expand to build your core product. 

App store keyword search is a great way to catch Indirect Competition, as apps continue to increase investment in ASO and play offense and defense on Search Ads.

2. ‘Similar app’ suggestions

Another shortcut for building your competitive markets: Market Explorer now populates similar apps as suggestions when you are building a market. The suggested apps section can be expanded to view up up to 25 of the most closely associated apps. 

This makes the creation of your most comprehensive Direct Competition market pretty thoughtless (you’re welcome). And you may catch some that you want to file in the Indirect Competition market too. 

More granular attribution for Meta ads

Ad Intel now differentiates Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Facebook Audience Network in Networks and Creative Gallery.

Improved ‘Ad Monetizers Only’ report uncovers better quality leads

Users may see up to a 60 percent improvement in lead quality when running the Ad Monetizers report in Report Builder.

Native app permissions is now included in an app’s ‘About & Pics’ page

View a quick summary of the most common permission types that are present, as well as the full list along with their native names and descriptions from the About & Pics page.

That’s all for this month. Major updates and improvements are coming soon to our prospecting tools. Stay tuned!