Software development kits (SDKs) add powerful functionalities to digital platforms, allowing developers to optimize their apps without the headache of building every component from scratch. At Apptopia, we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most highly-respected SDK companies in the game. 

Our SDK customers include the top attribution companies (MMPs), advertising networks, data management platforms (DMPs) and more. While each of these provide a unique service, they all work to drive the mobile economy forward. Our goal is to support their momentum by equipping them with the right tools for growth.

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Our Report Builder tool, available through our Sales Prospector hub, provides access to our massive dataset. Using it, our customers can generate hyper-specific reports that give them a concentrated list of high-quality potential partners for their business. In combination with other features like Market Explorer and Ad Intel, Report Builder provides clarity into who’s who, who’s doing what, when and how. 

While ideal customer profiles differ between each company, most sales teams apply our data very similarly. If you’re looking for new mobile app partners and need an edge in your sales process, here are some ways you can leverage Apptopia’s mobile intelligence tools to grow your business:  

  • Explore the market and uncover leads for your sales team 
                  –  Identify which apps already have your SDK installed 
                                     – Track those apps’ performance and understand your current footprint
                  –  Identify which apps have your competitor’s SDK installed 
                                     – Set alerts to get notified when an app uninstalls or installs your competitor
                                     – Discover the “rip-out” window (contract timeline) for apps and their current SDK partner
                    – Identify apps that may become viable opportunities soon 
                                     – Create custom reports based on KPIs like DAU, MAU, downloads and IAP revenue
                                     – Set alerts to track  performance milestones of growing apps
                                     – Set alerts to get notified when a high-performing publisher launches a new app 
                                     – Discover apps that have complimentary SDKs installed
                                        (ex: an app that just installed an attribution network will most likely install an ad network)
  • Collect the contact information for newly discovered leads
  • Easily segment lead lists by territory and share them with your team 
  • Receive automatic updates when a report generates new leads

I should note, though, that while we see this as a typical use case, our customers are very smart. It’s possible that they’re using our tool in ways we haven’t even considered. That’s the power of building something versatile enough to fit the needs of any-sized business. 

If you’re looking to get more out of our tool, or are completely new to Apptopia, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll work with you to create the personalization and flexibility you need to supercharge your business growth. 

See Apptopia’s report builder in action: schedule a demo today