Introducing Apptopia for free: an easy way to get data on your competition

Product and marketing teams are constantly being pulled in different directions, all while trying to stay ahead of the competition. Investing in mobile app intelligence gives teams more time to focus on what matters. Armed with insights into key mobile app performance metrics (downloads, revenue, usage, engagement, etc.), you’ll know exactly what your competition is up to and what you can do to outmaneuver them at every turn.

What we did – built a new FREE product

Data makes you dangerous. That’s why we set out to make it easier than ever for product and marketing teams to access Apptopia’s competitive insights to guide their decisions. Instead of providing just rank data (like the rest of our competition), we have released our fully customizable free Competitive Intelligence Report.  It’s an easy way to get actionable insights on your competition in seconds, completely free.

How it works – pick your competitors 

To get started, just add your competitors to a market, click complete, and your personalized market report will be sent straight to your email. In less than a minute, you have insights into your market growth, competitor performance, and how you compare to your market. Remember to share the wealth, and send the report to your other team members. 

Use real competitive insights to back up your next product release or marketing campaign. 

Get started for free today

What to expect from our free report (the data you get)

When you build your free customized report, you’ll get insight into:

  • Your market’s performance and whether it is growing, declining, stable, or volatile.
  • QoQ & YoY trends on new users, DAUs, and MAUs.
  • Competitor highlights to see who’s growing faster, retaining more users, releasing updates, and more.
  • Breakdown of market share for each competitor in your market  
  • Competitor user sentiment  (reviews) and how each compares to the market average.

Market Overview & Market Size

Get a snapshot of the state of your market based on the last 30 days. Find out if it is growing, declining, stable, or volatile. 

Get performance data like downloads, DAUs, MAUs QoQ or YoY on your selected market. 

New users growth

See a breakdown in downloads across your market. Benchmark the apps selected in your market to the category average. 

Competitor highlights

View quick facts about the competitors winning in your market.  Learn from their success and identify potential threats.

Market share

Understand which players are performing above or below market average. Use this as a way to identify areas of improvement or opportunity in user acquisition. 

Competitive positioning

Uncover your users’ sentiments about your app compared to other players and the market average. Use this data to inform your product strategy or identify red flags earlier.

Stay ahead of the competition  

Use data to guide your most important business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Create your free customized report today to see how you can best leverage mobile app intelligence.