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  • Pinterest (PINS) – mobile DAU growth accelerated to +16% YoY in March MTD (up 3pp from February), with US downloads picking up significantly towards the end of March and carrying momentum through the end of the quarter.
  • Robinhood (HOOD)  – strong mobile activity with DAUs +68% YoY.  The app had a significant spike in downloads in March likely driven by crypto prices, and downloads have leveled off ahead of Jan/Feb levels. 
  • Lyft (LYFT)- mobile DAUs up 18% YoY in March, with downloads of the Driver app also strong & outperforming peers.

Mobile standouts in 1Q

Pinterest (PINS) – Pinterest mobile growth is strong in 1Q and picked up significantly towards the end of the quarter. Looking at weekly YoY growth, it ramped from +10% in the first week of March to trending up +75% in the current week. March U.S downloads also ramped on a sequential basis.

Robinhood (HOOD) – Robinhood’s mobile performance exploded in 1Q, with DAUs up +68% YoY in March, up from +20% in 4Q23. In the first week of March, downloads of the app spiked – likely driven by the trends in Bitcoin/crypto prices. Downloads have now leveled off above February levels.

Lyft/Lyft Driver (LYFT) – Lyft’s mobile activity looks strong on multiple fronts – DAUs are up +18% YoY in March, accelerating from +14% YoY in 4Q23. Downloads have also trended up throughout the quarter. The Driver app is also seeing strong mobile trends in 1Q.

Growth accelerating in March

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