As a lover of love, this Valentine’s Day I want to help you land a date. The sheer number of dating apps is so high that the Google Play store has a category devoted solely to them. Apple should get around to doing this too, but that’s another story.

With help from Apptopia’s Audience Intelligence, we’re going to assist you in pinpointing where to upload those beautiful selfies and find your soulmate.

[Apptopia’s demographic data is broken down by sex, either male or female. Apptopia is fully aware that some individuals may not align with either.]


Above is the average age distribution by sex for the top dating apps. As you can see, the percentage of men aged 18-25 is much higher than women of the same age. Similarly, women aged 26-30 outnumber men of the same age. Finding an age compatible partner of the opposite sex may be tricky, but it’s important to note most dating apps are LGBTQ+ friendly.


Women looking for women – Her is one of the only dating apps designed for women and non-binary individuals.

Women looking for men – Happn has a significant male population leaning towards late 20’s. Happn has the highest rating (4.2 stars) out of all of the above apps.

Men looking for women – eHarmony, Match and OkCupid have the largest population of women. The age of the women using these three apps average out to 25-30.

Men looking for men – Grindr is the forefather of all dating apps as it launched in 2009, more than three years before Tinder.

Tinder easily has the most active users if dating is just a numbers game to you. However, the company has lately been trying to emphasize the platform as a place to create casual relationships too. If you don’t think these mainstream dating apps are for you, there are plenty of niche dating apps and sites.

*Apptopia cannot guarantee you find your soulmate, or that you go on a date, or even have a good time searching through dating apps.

There are sure to be more developments as time unfolds. Check back here every Monday for updated data.

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