Have you ever looked at the Top Charts of the app stores and thought, “This is cool but I wish I could create my own custom ranking instead.” ? If so, we’re on the same wavelength and it’s why we’ve launched new functionality within the Top Apps. Now you can easily create lists of custom ranked apps, tailored for your specific business needs. This new feature is available now for all Apptopia customers.

Our simple to use, but advanced filter combinations enable you to sort top apps by multiple metrics, app store categories, countries, X-Ray tagsreview sentiment, publisher size, publisher headquarters, SDKs installed and more. See real-time results update as you build your filter.

With just a few clicks, Apptopia does all the heavy lifting of finding the apps you care about most, allowing you to focus on what drives revenue for your team. After receiving a list of apps relevant to your needs, click to save the custom configuration, never having to set up your filters again. The best part is you can get your personalized list updated and delivered to your inbox every day, week or month. Execute deals, don’t build lists.

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How customized app rankings help you…

Partner with publishers
Quickly identify the right prospects with buying intent by choosing the metrics and features that matters most, and filtering down to narrow in on your ICP, eliminating wasted effort. With all the time you save, you can even experiment with different definitions of your ICP and see the opportunities available in real-time. Plus, bring insight to your prospects and customers after you gain a comprehensive understanding of their closest competitors and threats, as well as seeing how they measure up. If you need to create even more efficiency, you can save your filter combination view and have the results mailed directly to your inbox every day, week or month.

Invest in private companies
Custom Top Apps can be used to identify threats and opportunities. Monitor the movement of the app store segments where you invest by building a custom ranked list based upon a myriad of filters and fields. Uncover competitive threats to your investment by building custom rank lists and looking for who is moving up in downloads or other key performance metrics.

Coming soon, you will be able to identify apps having exceptional growth relative to their peers by defining the characteristics of the market (category, geo, app traits) and ranking by compound growth over the period. You could then sort by growth consistency to find the true standouts.

Monitor your competitive landscape
Identify new competitors and monitor known ones by filtering on app characteristics, genres, and looking at who is moving up the ranks. Get regular updates on the state of the market for your industry by regularly checking your saved filter combinations. Understand how an app store segment was impacted by seasonality, one time events, new entrants to the market, and much more by analyzing an app store segment over any custom time period.

Custom Top Apps is now available to all Apptopia customers.

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