Great data is only valuable if you can actually use it.

And sadly, that’s where most mobile intelligence platforms fall short.

Data is siloed away in a web-app or only made accessible through APIs. It’s seemingly everywhere but where you need it most – where your sales reps live.

That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce Apptopia’s Salesforce Integration. You can now get all of Apptopia’s “best-in-class” mobile data piped directly into your Salesforce CRM.


Here’s How it Works:

  1. Select desired data from Apptopia (Apps, SDK Intelligence, Performance Data etc…).
  2. Pipe data directly into the Salesforce objects of your choice.
  3. Apptopia automatically checks for new records every hour.

How It’s Different:

We realized early on that because Salesforce environments are often super customized, an out of the box integration had the potential to fall short in many situations.

For instance…

  • Some of our customers don’t use the lead object in Salesforce, preferring to use the Account and Contact objects.
  • Many of our customers use non-standard fields, which would impact mapping apps to leads/accounts.

Our goal was to create an integration that made it dead simple for Apptopia customers to leverage mobile data in their own sales processes (lead routing, lead scoring, account based marketing, reporting, etc).

And that’s exactly what we’ve built. Simply define the Apptopia data you want and where you want it stored – we’ll take care of the bulk of the engineering. Need something custom or a little extra help? No worries – we have an entire technical integration team that’s dedicated to assisting you.

4 killer things you can do with Apptopia’s Salesforce Integration:

  • Append all matching apps to a publisher’s lead or account record, along with corresponding performance data
  • Prioritize and score lead + accounts with app downloads, revenue, and usage metrics
  • Build reports using Apptopia’s mobile data. For example, you can build a report on accounts with apps using a certain SDK, or create a list of publishers with minimum monthly thresholds for in-app revenue and downloads.
  • Route leads to different sales teams based on Apptopia publisher/app data

How Quickly Can I Get Setup?

Our team can have you up and running in less than six weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Salesforce Integration is packaged as an add-on to your existing Apptopia account. 

Where Can I Learn More?

Please contact or chat with us to learn more.