Apps being published to the app stores with the term “AI Chatbot” or “AI Chat” in either their app name, subtitle, or description have increased 1480%, year-over-year, in the first quarter. Just this year (through March), 158 have been published to the app stores. The public launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT product has created a consumer-facing artificial intelligence gold rush, including in the realm of mobile apps.

AI chatbot apps added@2x

Naturally, if the tech exists on a web browser, it is not long before developers package the product/experience into a native app and monetize their efforts. Downloads of AI chatbot apps increased 1506%, and in-app purchase (IAP) revenue increased 4184%, year-over-year, in the first quarter. Also, in Q1 of this year, the top 10 AI chatbot apps were responsible for 52% of all AI chatbot app downloads and 72% of their IAP revenue.

AI chat apps@2x

Like most of these apps, Genie generates revenue by charging users to uncap the app’s usage. Genie is the second most downloaded and second highest revenue-generating AI chatbot app so far in 2023.


Most of these apps are made by independent developers and are eventually likely to be surpassed by bigger brands like Microsoft and Google due to their marketing power and brand familiarity. Microsoft’s search app has already rebranded as Bing – Your AI copilot. Since the announcement of its integration with Open AI’s ChatGPT, Bing’s average daily downloads have increased by 1000%.

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