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This is a 3D, high definition (HD), wild animals simulator, action and adventure game.
The struggle for survival in an exotic jungle. All of the forest animals have self sounds.
All of the animals have main two parameter varying according to levels, courage and anger.
1. Python: You manage a python and fight and hunt others animals in the forest. The snake is upgradeable.
2. Lion: It is the enemy of snakes. Brave lion attacks, cowardly lion escapes. Beware of the claws and the teeth. And fight hardly.
3. Tiger: This is an enemy snakes. Attention it's paw hits.
4. Crocodile: This is the enemy. Attention it's strong jaw .
5. Bear: It is the most powerful enemy in the terrible forest.
6. Boar: Wild forest pig.
7. Elephant: It attacks the snake with elephant tusks.
8. Dog: It is an Dalmatian. It is enemy too.
9. Deer: Chase and hunt deers with snake bite. Deers are enemies. They attack with big horns.
10. Goat: They are white enemies. They attack with horns.
11. Pig: They are only victims.
12. Zebra: They are only victims.
13. Rhinoceros: They are enemies. They attack with strong horn.
14. Spider: They are giant enemies. They bite.
15. Rat: They are giant enemies. They bite.
16. Frog: They are giant enemies. They attack with their tongue.
17. Fox: They are clever enemies.
18. Wolf: They are terrifying enemies.
19. Bat: Spit and shoot with snake venom.
20. Eagle: It can attack. Spit and shoot with snake venom.
21. Owl: The original inhabitants of the forest.
22. Parrot: Colorful and beautiful voice.
23. Duck: It flies and floats freely in the creek.
24. Giant dragonflies: Bravely without fear, spit and shoot with poison.
25. Giant bee: Spit and shoot with venom.
26. Crow: Dark birds in the forest. Shoot them with poison.
+ 3D Animal actions.
+ 40 Levels and missions
+ High definition (HD) graphic.
+ Realistic physic.
+ Natural fighting
+ Selectable camera.
+ 26 different animals. Birds, bugs, reptiles, animals.
+ Seamless and serial control with tilt sensor and four buttons.
+Play strategically.
+For high score, hit remotely with venom.
+Attention courage and anger parameters.
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Version History

Launched Jun 04, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Jun 04
Version 1.0