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Dude! Check out this rad calculator watch that allows you to unlock totally tubular stuff by upside-down typing, playing with the stopwatch, or solving clues. Download now to join Marty McFly, Sting, Dwight Schrute, Walter White, and many other pop geek icons by sporting a calculator on your wrist.

Totally radical ways to impress your friends with your Geek Watch:
- Solve killer math problems on your Apple Watch
- Unlock fly items by using your nerd skills
- Use your runner's arm band for iPhone down on your wrist
- Challenge your friends to a game of "Who Can Start and Stop the Stopwatch Fastest" on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Unlockable features:
- 9 bodacious watch models
- Infiniglo - wicked cool electroluminescent display
- Totally boss old-school side light
- 4 gnarly background images
- More awesomeness to come...

Unlock "Geek Watch: Pinky" and join us in the fight against Breast Cancer.

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Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched May 19, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Oct 06
Version 2.0

- "Everything Bundle" - purchase all in-app purchases at one low price!
- watchOS 2 compatibility, which gives significant performance improvements
- watchOS 2 complications
- iOS 9 compatibility
- bug fixes

Jun 18
Version 1.1

We know the experience on the Apple Watch is not fantastic. In this version, we made some tweaks to performance to make it easier to use. Specifically, button presses will not be lost due to delay. The delay is very slightly better, but we queue all button presses and make sure they get processed.

The experience will be dramatically improved when iOS 9 comes out, and we can run native code on the watch.

Additional changes in this version:
- Added the ability to purchase everything in one bundle
- Bug fix for E when you multiply 99999999 x 999999999
- Performance improvements on the watch

May 19
Version 1.0