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On one line, Infinity Loop is a collection of simple, calm and minimalist tap games that will illuminate your mind, reduce anxiety and help you on your meditation moments.

After more than one million installs, this anti stress game remains as a reference in both the brain games and the learning games category. The combination of Zen features and jigsaw puzzles is the main reason of Infinity Loop endless success. It is like if yoga and chess had a baby!

Whether you are looking for calming games, something reminiscent of Tetris or an offline game to play on the bus (or the train), this is the right game for you!

Featuring calming music and simple gameplay, this game is a free antidote against anxiety and stress problems. You will notice the ascension of peace while you tap the minimalist lines and illuminate the patterns. Playing Infinity Loop feels like a calm Tetris game to your brain and a yoga class or a meditation session to your mind. You will attain Nirvana!

Considered the Tetris of the XXI century, Infinity Loop is an eternal chase for perfection and stress relief. This is the king of brain games! Just tap the lines to rotate them and create looping patterns. Simple! By tapping, the loops will connect. The completed circuit will illuminate when all the lines are connected. Featuring one simple rule, this is the easiest of learning games.

Besides anxiety, stress relief or some sort of an ascension state of mind, this is also one of the best learning games for kids. Unlike chess games, the simple rules of Infinity Loop – “just tap” – are much appreciated by kids and the minimalist patterns help to increase their focus and attention.

If you like chess or learning games for adults, your brain will also love Infinity Loop! The game works offline and it’s free. However, you can pay a small price to unlock the ads free mode and enjoy a cleaner version of the game. A one-time payment for an eternal effect!

If you think that you can finish the whole game, calm down now. Unlike most learning games, it’s impossible to reach the end because there are endless levels. This means that there will be always further patterns to decipher, more and more lines to tap and quadrillions of loops to illuminate. The game is literally eternal if you keep playing forever.

This is perfect for anxiety or anti stress matters, because there’s no pressure to complete the loops. The mind ascension is progressive. Unlike Tetris, there are no pieces falling or other stress elements. There is also no timers, as you usually get on chess games. As mentioned above, this is like a meditation session: take your time and enjoy the endless calming games!

In total, there are three different game modes: the original one, the Dark Mode and the Playground! The logic is slightly different on each of them, but the calm spirit, the minimalist Tetris style and the eternal search for patterns remains the same in all modes. Let the meditation begins!

You can also be your own yoga teacher, chess master or Nirvana guru. In other words, you can create your own levels for free. The game editor allows you to decide how many minimalist lines will feature the level, which shape will illuminate at the end and how many loops to connect. You can release your Zen energy to the whole world!

Infinity Loop is also a perfect time killer. Whether you are on a waiting room or just killing free time, use our endless calming loops to have fun and improve your brain skills. Many people appreciate some meditation on the train and they play the Loop for stress relief. Since you can play offline, this is also an amazing option for plane flights or any other situations where you need to be offline. As a free anti-stress tool, this game allows you to skip some of your yoga lessons and create your own Nirvana state.

The stress relief is endless on Infinity Loop. If you are a true “looper”, keep calm and enjoy your Zen moment!

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Version History

Launched Mar 23, 2015 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 04
Version 5.05

Small bug fixes

Nov 14
Version 5.04

We know how much you love to play Infinity Loop. Therefore we have created Daily Challenges! Unlock trophees!

Apr 05
Version 5.03

New Screenshots

Mar 28
Version 5.02

"Playground": a new game mode available!

Dec 19
Version 5.01

Bug Fixes

Nov 24
Version 5.00

Minor bug fixes

Jun 21
Version 4.92

Minor bug fixes

Dec 14
Version 4.91

Fix crash happens while starting the app which was affecting some users

Dec 01
Version 4.9

Bug Fixes

Nov 03
Version 4.8

Minor Fixes

Jun 13
Version 4.7

Performance Improvements

Apr 14
Version 4.6

Minor Fixes

Jan 17
Version 4.5

Minor Fixes

Dec 16
Version 4.4

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Oct 12
Version 4.3

iOS 10 fixes. Now our game is fully compatible with iOS10

Apr 12
Version 4.2

*Fixed level issue on Dark mode
*Fixed leaderboard loading automatically
*Fixed Buttons when pressed
*Fixed rotation issue
*Other bug fixes

Mar 31
Version 4.1

*New Dark Mode added
*Added Leaderboard.
*Few Commercials added to support further development.
*Fixing crash on some devices with iOS v9.3

Mar 30
Version 4.0

*New Dark Mode added
*Added Leaderboard.
*Few Commercials added to support further development.

Mar 07
Version 3

- Performance Improvements
- New sounds and improved touchscreen.

Apr 21
Version 2

Control sound, navigate and share completed levels.

Mar 24
Version 1

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