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Reflector Director allows users to remotely manage the devices that are connected to a computer’s Reflector Teacher software.

Simply open the Reflector Director app on your iOS device and connect to the Reflector software on your computer to begin managing the devices that are connected to the Reflector software.

Reflector Director allows you to step away from your computer while still controlling how your audience views the devices that are connected to Reflector. Easily show and hide devices, emphasize screens, enable full-screen mode or change device frames all while away from your computer.

Reflector Director also helps you easily connect to a computer’s Reflector software, even on limited and restricted networks. Using Bluetooth* and network auto-detection methods, Quick Connect® and QR codes, Reflector Director easily connects devices to computers running Reflector.

Reflector Director is compatible with Reflector Teacher and Reflector 2. It REQUIRES one of these two applications running on your computer: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/download/

NOTE: Reflector Director is NOT required to mirror a device to a computer running Reflector Teacher or Reflector 2. Reflector Director does NOT allow you to mirror a device to your iPhone or iPad. Reflector Director DOES allow you to manage the devices that are connected to Reflector software.

Reflector Director features include:

Device Frames
Use Reflector Director to select new device frames to display on the devices that are already connected to Reflector Teacher, or chose to hide the frames. Displaying a frame around devices adds a polished and professional feel.

Emphasize Devices
Use Reflector Director to highlight one of the devices that’s already connected to Reflector Teacher to spotlight important content or action. Reflector Director easily brings screens to center stage for emphasis. Eliminate distractions by enabling full-screen mode.

Preview Screens
Reflector Director shows screen previews of any devices that are connected to Reflector Teacher, even if the screen is hidden to your audience. This allows you to know what’s going to be shown before you share a connected device screen with others in the room.

Keep Students Focused
Add Reflector Director to any classroom and create a distraction-free environment. Spend more time concentrating on students and less time in front of a computer screen.

Secure Pairing
Pairing Reflector Director to Reflector Teacher is easy and secure. The apps are paired directly together with no in-between connections. Use a Quick Connect Code (TM), QR Code or Bluetooth to easily pair.

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Version History

Launched Apr 14, 2015 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jun 23
Version 3.0.1

- Completely rewritten to take full advantage of all the great features of Reflector Teacher!

Jun 22
Version 3.0

- Rewritten to take full advantage of all of the great features of Reflector Teacher

Nov 23
Version 2.2

- Reflector Director now requires iOS 8 or later
- Added iPhone 7 and iPhone SE frames
- Resolved multiple crashes
- Miscellaneous performance and stability improvements

Oct 07
Version 2.1.1

- Resolved a crash in auto-discovery
- Added iPhone 6s/iPhones 6s Plus frames
- Added new Rose Gold iPhone frames
- Added 3D Touch shortcuts on home screen for iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus (Press firmly on the app icon)
- Added iOS 9 compatibility
- Misc. performance improvements and enhancements

Sep 09
Version 2.1.0

- Reflector Director now supports pairing with Bluetooth* or scanning of a Reflector 2 QR Code
- Reflector Director will now broadcast the paired computer as an AirPlay device if not detected on the network (for mirroring across subnets).
- Added "Getting Started" tutorial to assist with initial setup and usage of Reflector Director
- Added a Help Section which provides access to support and knowledge base tools
- Resolved crashes that could occur when attempting to connect to Reflector
- Miscellaneous bug fixes, improvements and crash resolutions

*Bluetooth discovery only supported on Reflector 2 for Mac

May 02
Version 2.0.1

If you're enjoying Reflector Director, please leave us a positive review in the App Store. Ratings reset each update so your continued rating ensures continued success for Reflector Director!

- Added support for Cast frame selection in Reflector Director
- Added support to remotely start and stop recordings in Reflector 2 from Reflector Director
- Added "swipe to remove" gesture for removing recent devices (note: unpairing must first occur in Reflector 2 preferences)
- Audio-only devices now appear in Reflector Director
- Reflector Director can now use Google Cast (in addition to AirPlay) to discover Reflector 2 instances while pairing
- Reflector Director no longer quickly plays back frames while it was in the background
- Reflector Director is now aware of the OS of the paired Reflector 2 and matches terms appropriately (example: Retina vs High DPI)
- Reflector Director can now use a Quick Connect code for pairing even when no mDNS devices are discovered
- Reflector Director now informs Reflector 2 when pairing is cancelled so Reflector 2 can dismiss the pairing prompt
- Resolved an issue that caused Reflector Director to reconnect to an unpaired Reflector 2 instance
- Resolved an issue that prevented frame selection for devices that did not contain "iPhone" or "iPad" in their names
- Resolved an issue that caused a second paired device to appear with an alpha-numeric code name
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

If you're experiencing an issue, have a question or would love to see something added to Reflector Director, please email us at support@reflectorapp.com. We are unable to respond to reviews and will not be able to help get things working!

Apr 14
Version 1.0.0

Previous 3 versions

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