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Duby is the #1 Social Network for Cannabis in the World!

This is your new smoke spot. Take a break and pass some dubys while you chill with friends.

Our new Duby Explorer curates the best content and provides maps, menus, brands, and deals.

Duby now combines the best of social with the best of business.
- Find dispensaries, products, and get live menus near you.
- Light up a duby and pass it to other users anonymously near you.
- Grow your sesh, send private messages, and explore the world of weed with duby.
- Share in private, discover in public.

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Security and Privacy:

At Duby, we take every user’s privacy seriously. As a provider of medical cannabis and adult use marijuana related applications, security and privacy are our top priorities because we want you to feel comfortable that your personal information will remain private by default. Location obfuscation, input sanitation, and explicit protection of personally identifiable information aim to protect your privacy and weed out negative content. Your email address is the only personal information required for user registration and is not made available to other users.


Duby App is a community of adult 18+ years old legal medicinal cannabis patients who seek to share information based on common interests. At no time may users use Duby to conduct any form of illegal activity, break state law, or otherwise endanger the well-being of others. To do so will be deemed an immediate violation and your profile will be removed permanently at the sole discretion of Lear Marketing, LLC. Any violation of local laws or other use it was not intended for as outlined in our terms of service will not be tolerated. Users are encouraged to report other members violations and offending member's will be removed from the platform. Dubys cannot include illegal activity of any kind. We reserve the right to reject any content that do not meet our standards.

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Primary: Social Networking

Secondary: Entertainment

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Version History

Launched Apr 06, 2015 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 30
Version 4.3.2

- Bug Fix Release

Oct 26
Version 4.3.1

- Critical Bug Fix Release

Oct 24
Version 4.3.0

- New Duby Explorer
- Improved Layout for Large Devices
- Edit Your Comments
- Ignore Follow Requests
- Performance Improvements
- Enhanced Stability and Bug Fixes

Sep 04
Version 4.2.5

- Pull to refresh comments
- Add on/off volume icon overlay to all videos
- Allow for more than 280 characters in comments

May 11
Version 4.2

Summer of 2018 Feature Updates
- Camera AE/AF Improvements
- Quick Mention on Comments and Descriptions
- Business Video Uploads
- A few more bug fixes too

Mar 25
Version 4.1.2

- Create Story from Explorer
- Hashtag Search Improved
- Better Maps and Bug Fixes

Mar 12
Version 4.0.7

Maps | Menus | Brands | Deals
- Live Data Feeds
- Video Previews
- New Search
- Scoreboards
- Gamification
... it's the biggest Duby update ever!

Dec 13
Version 3.7.9

Duby provides frequent updates to ensure you remain a happy user.
- This is a minor update to improve user experience
- Thank you for using Duby!

Nov 28
Version 3.7.6

Duby is the #1 Cannabis Social App in the World
- We regularly provide updates and new features
- This update addresses some bugs with content creation
Thanks for Updating!

Nov 16
Version 3.7.1

Fixes several bugs related to IOS 11
- Keyboard overlay on new Duby
- Video creation crash resolved
- And a few other nasty critters

Oct 25
Version 3.6.6

- Better Business Maps
- Stability Improvements
- Image Optimization

Sep 25
Version 3.6.1

A much anticipated bug patch
- A huge fix for random crashes on all device types.
- Thank you for your patience DubyFam!

Sep 06
Version 3.5.10

New Feature - Save a Duby for Later
- Great for low speed connections
- Create now, Pass the Duby Later

Jul 19
Version 3.5.2

NEW: Favorite Users!
- See your favs in My Sesh
- Tons of updates and bug fixes

Jun 08
Version 3.4.1

Duby Maintenance Release
- Bug Patches and Security Updates
- Improved Stability

May 18
Version 3.3.5

What's New?
- Bug Patch Release
-Security Updates
- And, a pinch more Awesome

May 04
Version 3.3.1

- Profile Enhancements
- Enhanced Security
- More Bug Fixes

Jan 25
Version 3.1.0

- New Duby Menu Bar
- Grouped Notifications
- Duby Stories are Back
- And more fun features and fixes...

Dec 12
Version 2.5.6

Made of More Awesome
- New Passers Screen
- Updates, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

Dec 04
Version 2.5.4

- Better Videos
- New Camera Features
- Improved Tool Tips

Nov 17
Version 2.5.0

----New Live Login
---New User Intro
--Better Camera
-More Bug Fixes

Oct 24
Version 2.3.2

Ok fam... you may want to sit down before you update ;)
- Beautiful NEW profile
- Track your Influence score
- Check out My Sesh to quickly connect with friends
- New activity screen and following tab
- New Camera!

This is what you have been waiting for. Enjoy!

Aug 13
Version 2.2.8

- New Duby Story format
- Videos using volume buttons
- Fixed comment bugs
- Improved stability

Jun 14
Version 2.2.5

- Default image quality set to high
- Remove account option added
- Performance Improvements
- Security Enhancements

Jun 04
Version 2.2.2

* Pass anywhere
* Notify switches
* Auto play videos
* Map your dubys
* Dates on your dubys
* Follow-back messaging
* Tons of bug fixes and improvements. A must have update!

May 20
Version 2.1.5

This build is smoking hot!
Want to be in Amsterdam, Denver, or maybe Brazil? Change your locality in this latest release!
Check out the new Top Users and go local from anywhere.

May 06
Version 2.1.0

* Fixed and Improved Notifications!
* Performance Optimizations
* Update Password In-App
* Critical Security Updates
... and a pinch of awesome

Mar 15
Version 1.6

- Bug Fixes and Security Updates
- Required Maintenance Update

Jan 14
Version 1.5

- bug/crash fixes
- fixed search issue when sending PM
- landing screen should load faster

Dec 17
Version 1.4.9

- New Activity Screen ;)
- We killed A TON of bugs!
- Duby is faster

Dec 02
Version 1.4.8

- Go Anonymous! For the fam who wants to feel a little safer ;)
- Show Off Your Profile to Instagram!
- We killed a ton of bugs!
- New users have a better experience

Nov 05
Version 1.4.7

- Ability to block users
- Security updates

Oct 18
Version 1.4.6

-Critical bug fixes

Sep 22
Version 1.4.5

-Critical Messaging Bug Fix

Sep 19
Version 1.4.4

- Invite friends! Share the duby love :)
- Share your favorite pictures to INSTAGRAM!
- Faster messaging!
- View someone's profile by clicking their profile picture from the messaging/notifications screens
- Duby is now faster! We also killed a lot of bugs ;)

Sep 18
Version 1.4.3

- Improved Messaging Screen
- Rapid Follow ;)
- Continual Improvements powered by #dubyfam

Sep 02
Version 1.4.2

- New "Passers" Screen
- New Rapid User Following
- Improved Private Duby Messaging
- Updated Activity and Landing Screens

Aug 26
Version 1.4.1

- Improved notifications
- Bug fixes

Aug 12
Version 1.4

Introducing PRIVATE DUBYS!
*You can now have a private conversation with users who follow you back. Take a pic, add text, and set the timer.
*Private dubys expire after they are read.
*Improved security to keep the #dubyfam safe.

Jul 29
Version 1.3.4

- Critical bug fixes.

Jul 10
Version 1.3.3

You asked for it and we made it happen. External Sharing is finally here!

* Share your favorite Dubys with friends on other social networks, text, and email!
* New Landing Page with bigger pictures and more details!
* External link support in comments and descriptions
* Faster load times
* Influence improvements

Jun 26
Version 1.3.2

Hello! We added a bunch of stuff the dubyfam has been asking for.

*See followers and following!
*Link outside of duby in people's profiles!
*Show all videos when searching for #vid
*Maps now default to a local view!
*Influence and Notification Improvements!

Jun 12
Version 1.3

Wait for it… wait for it…

Introducing VIDEOS and FOLLOWING!

Now you can create videos and follow other users. Also when you hashtag and mention users there will now be a link. We added an “influence boost” to reward users with trending Dubys. Notification improvements and performance optimization were also added. And of course we killed numerous bugs.

May 19
Version 1.2

Security Updates
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Geo-fencing Updated
Influence Algorithm Improvements
Notification Improvements
User Interface Enhancements
Individual Duby Reach Added

May 01
Version 1.1

- Security Updates
- New Featured tab
- Ability to delete comments
- Tweaks in our algorithm will share with you better curated Dubys

Apr 22
Version 1.06

- Security Updates
- Notification Enhancements and Bug Fixes
- Patch to fix crashing on pagination
- Updates to Location and Age Restrictions
- Minor UI Enhancements

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