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The WdConnector help you to play your media files from your Cloud* on your iDevice.

To this end, without prejudice the WdConnector can connect to your cloud and allows you to watch your files using a media player of your choice*² on your iDevice. So you can now watch video formats which the Apple Media player does not support .

Please note that WdConnector only creates the connection between cloud * and the Media Player. Once the media player is started, WdConnector has no influence, if the file is played or not! Please contact the manufacturer of the Media Player, when problems arise, and do not give me bad reviews because foreign Apps do not work as you expect it!

The WdConnector can be used both with Wi-Fi as well as mobile internet (can be changed in the settings).
So you can access from anywhere to your Cloud* and stream music or videos comfortably.

*However WdConnector should also work for other WD devices, if they work in the original app, but unfortunately I can not test it because I have no other devices.

*²The player must have a URL Scheme. If you miss a player so please send us an email and we will check if the player is suitable.

Currently supported players incl. Lite Versions:
  - VLC Player
  - ACE Player
  - BuzzPlayer
  - AV Player
- GoodPlayer
- OPlayer
- NPlayer
- Infuse Player

Unsupported Player:
- PlayerXtreme
- MoliPlayer
- Yxplayer

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Feb 04, 2015 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Sep 19
Version 2.3

ATTENTION: Changes have been made by Western Digital. Please add the device again!

- ScreenResolution on iPhone 6(s) Plus is now correct
- Improved Errormessages
- The Menuentry "Activate WLAN or change it in Settings" opens the Settings
- New Supportsystem: Messages are shown directly in the App
- If you add a Device over mycloud.com and you have more than one Device registered to your Account, its now possible to select the device you want to add

Mar 24
Version 2.2

- 3D Touch: Now its possible to connect to your Device from HomeScreen (CloudIcon: Connect over Internet, HomeIcon: Connect locally)
- Local IP Adress can now be entered witohout a Third Party Keyboard
- Infuse Player can now be used
- Device Specific Help from WD can now be opened from you Device

Jan 29
Version 2.1

On some devices, some folders where missing. Now all folders are shown again

Jan 14
Version 2.0

- Sort function
- Filter function in the current folder
- Warning if no Player is installed
- New WD interface is now the default (devices must be deleted and re-added, or disable the setting to use the old interface)

Sep 11
Version 1.9

- fixed iPad crash when Opening a File
- Now all available and supported Media Players will shown

Sep 09
Version 1.8

I apologize for the long wait for this update, but the wait was worth it!
With version 1.8 of the app has received a complete overhaul, and in addition to a new design and a number of bug fixes and new features have been implemented.

 - Now you haven't to maintaine your protocols and you can start directly with a player of your choice. (see help)
 - Thumbnails in File Explorer will now shown
 - Folders can now be displayed at the top of the list and afterwards the files
 - Sorted by 'Last Review' is now default view
 - Connection mode can be determined automatically (see help)
 - You can choose whether a normal or a secure connection to be established
 - The app now detects existing network devices
 - In the file Explorer, there is now a button on which you can create a playlist or sort the entries may
 - The Help has been completely revised and offers the opportunity to search in it
 - There is now a new contact form to contact me

Jun 22
Version 1.7

We are on vacation from 01.07.2015 til 20.07.2015 and thus can not answer support requests!

Solved Timeout when you tryed to connect via wd2go please have a look at the Setting "Use default Port"

May 05
Version 1.6

- Now it's possible to activate the Multiselection mode for the current Folder with the Check in the Upper right corner. It's active when you see the X. Now select all your files and click on the X.

Apr 12
Version 1.5

Sorry for the long time I need for this Release!

- VLC Player, AVPlayer, ACE Player and BuzzPlayer are offered as protocols (but of course work, other players unless you know the protocol)
- Your Clouds can be synced between your Devices with iCloud
- You can only show Mediafiles
- Change the Language direct in Settings
- Changelog

- Changed Help
- Now you are able to Connect to your Cloud with Mobile Internet (Settings)
- If you're User on your Cloud has no FullName the Username is shown instead of nothing
- Bugfixes

Mar 18
Version 1.4

- Clouds can be added in local Network. You don't need Credentials for wdmycloud.com
- New Language: Italian

- Improved Help
- small Bugfixes

Mar 04
Version 1.3

- On Devices with iOS7 it was not possible to register a device because the buttons are missing.

- Writing an E-Mail is now possible in App
- Recommend App is now possible in App
- Rate App is now possible in App
- Added Deviceinformations Overview (Only in same Network as Cloud)
- Connections are only possible with WLAN (With Mobile Internet we had many disconnects and server errors)
- Added FAQ

- About is now Site Notice
- Extend Privacy
- Size Information and Last Changed Date is shown on Folders and Files

Feb 19
Version 1.2

- English are now available (depends on Systemlanguage)
- added Privacy Menuentry

Feb 04
Version 1.1

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