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Atomas is a fascinating puzzle game, which you can learn in seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The perfect game for your spare time!

Your little universe starts with hydrogen atoms only but with the help of the energy rich plus atoms you are able to fusion two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, 2 helium atoms into one lithium atom and so on. Your primary goal is to create the valuable elements like Gold, Platinum and Silver.

But watch out, if your universe is overfilled with too many atoms it will cause a big crunch and the game is over.
One way to prevent this is to build up long symmetries in your atoms and start big chain reactions.

From time to time minus atoms appear, use them for absorbing and replacing atoms within your universe or sacrifice them for a plus atom.

You see Atomas is not hard to play, but if you want to get to the top you'll need a good strategy, which keeps your atoms organized.

By creating new elements like oxygen or copper you unlock lucky charms, which effect the game in various ways and adjust it to your strategy.

What Atomas offers you:

- 4 different game modes
- simple but addicting game mechanics
- 124 different atoms to create
- 12 different lucky charms
- exciting challenges
- compare your scores with friends via GameCenter
- share your score on twitter and Facebook
- quick tutorial

The developers high score is 66 534. Can you do better?

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Secondary: Trivia

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Version History

Launched Feb 24, 2015 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

May 01
Version 3.15

Bug Fixes

Nov 14
Version 3.11

- Updated Game Engine for better stability and performance
- Serveral Bugs Fixed
- Balanaced Unstable Isotops

Nov 13
Version 3.1

- Updated Game Engine for better stability and performance
- Serveral Bugs Fixed
- Balanaced Unstable Ions

Jul 22
Version 3.01

New Particle Type:
Unstable isotopes:
Unstable isotopes are created by fusions with 8 or more atoms involved. They behave exactly like normal atoms, but every round that they are on the gamefield they acquire bonus points, which are transferred to your total score when they are fused.
Rounds on gamefield : bonus points
1-25 : +1 points
25-100 : +2 points
>100 : +3 points
- Updated for newer devices
- Cleanup and bug fixing

3.01 :
Fixed a problem where a unstable isotope would stop a ongoing chainreaction

Jul 18
Version 3.0

New Particle Type:
Unstable isotopes:
Unstable isotopes are created by fusions with 8 or more atoms involved. They behave exactly like normal atoms, but every round that they are on the gamefield they acquire bonus points, which are transferred to your total score when they are fused.
Rounds on gamefield : bonus points
1-25 : +1 points
25-100 : +2 points
>100 : +3 points

- Updated for newer devices
- Cleanup and bug fixing

Jun 06
Version 2.45

Maintenance update

Mar 17
Version 2.4

- You can now share your high score & high score image in many different ways
- Bug fixes

Jan 31
Version 2.3

- Updated official names for elements
- Updated name for one fictional element
- Menu atom displays full name of element now (Tap the big atom in the main screen to
run through all created elements)
- Improved leaderboard icon
- Game Center leaderboards can be accessed from the game now
- Some UI Improvements
- Some Bug fixes

Jun 23
Version 2.22

-Fixed Crash when zero atoms on the field
-Better performance while in the menu
-Ad free now
-Fixed several bugs
-Better Challenge Table View

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Apr 22
Version 2.12

Bug fixes

Apr 12
Version 2.11

General Bug Fixes
- Fixed Bug where H20 challenge wasn't unlock in certain conditions
- Fixed Undo- Minus Bug

Mar 16
Version 2.01

Geneva post fix update:

- Fixed Silicon/ Potassium lucky charm bug (no minuses bug)
- Corrected some typos
- General bug fixing
- Fixed wrong score in share text
- Animations are more fluid again
- Auto save every 50 moves + when you leave the game.
- Other bug & crash fixes

Mar 10
Version 2.0

Atomas Geneva Update Changelog:

Please note: This update does not transfer unfinished games.


• Better UI layout
• The whole game design is now more polished and has a nicer color range, without loosing the original style of Atomas.
• All UI elements and controls have also been rewritten in order to function correctly across all devices and screen resolutions.

• New modern app icon.
• New font (Norwester) for better readability.

• Super ultra modern blurred backgrounds
• Go through all created elements by tapping the big atom in the title screen, tap and hold it to see it’s full name

Geneva mode & Luxons
- New Game mode called Geneva
- New Particle type called „Luxons“
This mode is for more advanced players and is therefore only available after a classic score of 10.000.

In in this update all elements are available in every game mode.
However this has some passive side effect:

• Some Lucky charms' names will change

• Your highest element's name will change, while the internal value will still be the same of course
The „Full Alchemist“ is now called „Zen mode“.
In Zen mode the probability is 50% that the last atom is a plus.

Undo - Time machine
You can now undo moves. However, to prevent preview cheating there is a cool down time, which increases every time you use it.

In addition to the existing achievements, there are now challenges. It's also clearer now that you get an antimatter for beating some scores.

Lucky charms
Old lucky charms changes

• Titanium (ex Chromium): Has now a clearer description plus it's now a bit stronger - The probability that spawning atoms have their value increased by 1 is now 33% . 

• Germanium (ex Selenium): This lucky charms seemed to be quite buggy. A lot of players reported that it isn't working at all. Now it should work correctly, however the probability was decreased to 35% because 50% were too extreme. This lucky charm has now a probability of 35% of increasing the outcome of a fusion by +1. 

• Bromine (ex Silver): Also a buggy one. Originally started game at (6), but because that was to low increased to (10). However, due to a bug it was actually (~16). Now it's (12) and that's also what's written in the description. 

• Rubidium (ex Gold): Originally a 0.5% chance of spawning an antimatter per game. The problem was that it spawned either very early or not at all. Now when you start a game the chance starts with 0.0% and increases slowly every time you make a move.

New Lucky charms

• New Silver: Destroys a random atom every 50 rounds. ( announces itself )

• Erbium: Doubles your score when you manage to clear the whole game field.

• Radon: Gives you the ability to randomly rearrange all atoms on the game field. (One time per game)

Non passive lucky charms like the new Silver will now blink up on the game field when they do their magic.

Till now only the classic mode featured its own local leaderboard, but thanks to the new layout every game mode has one now. And the boring "Nobody" placeholder was replaced by names of famous scientists.
Do you know them all?

Particle introduction
Special particles types like the Neutrino or the Dark plus weren't really explained in the game. Now, when you encounter them for the first time a little introduction message will show up.


• A little message will show you after which score you can use another antimatter in the same game. (You can use antimatter every time you double the score since the last usage)

• Originally antimatter removed half of the atoms and left the average of all atoms behind. But now it will output the highest element + 3.

A little bug that caused Hydrogen 1 to be left out is now fixed. 
In addition, a new custom element called Earthium has been added.
The complete game code has been rewritten in order to make the game more stable and less prone to bugs. The efficiency of the game has also been improved.

Annnnnnnnnnd I've reached the character limi

Aug 18
Version 1.61

This update fixes what the one last broke:
- The crash on iOS 6
- Listen to your own music while playing

Sorry for this, please enjoy the free antimatter of this update!

Aug 08
Version 1.6

Added a little indicator when a new game mode is unlocked
Improved stability

Jul 07
Version 1.5

Bug fixes
Performance Improvements
Improvement improvement

Jun 03
Version 1.3

New atom type "Black Plus".

Black pluses can fusion any two Atoms and leave the bigger value +3 as output.
They spawn from a score of 500, the more pluses you have on the game field the higher the chance to get one.

Antimatter can be used multiple times in one game now if you doubled your score since the last usage.

If you can manage to remove all atoms on the game field your current score will be doubled.

Some bug fixes.

May 08
Version 1.25

- Bug fixes
- Optical improvements

In this version you get the double amount of antimatter for the same price.

Apr 28
Version 1.2

Welcome to the gigantic supernova update!

2 new game modes:

- Time Attack:
Play against the time, for every fusion you get seconds.

- Full Alchemist
Recreate all 118 existing elements + 5 new ones I've discovered while making the update

For both modes there are new leaderboards in game center + new achievements.

To switch game modes tap the little symbol at the top of the first menu page.

Earn-able antimatter:
- You get one antimatter for beating following scores: 1.000, 10.000 , 100.000
- Everyone gets one antimatter for free in this update

Improved minus picking:
The minus/ neutrino is now more accurate.

Many color corrections, most atoms have now a nice contrast to their neighbors.

The Silver lucky charm starts the game at Neon now.

Fun feature:
Tap the big atom in the menu to go through all the elements you've created.

Many optical improvements, performance improvements, little bug fixes.

Mar 17
Version 1.1

Big Neutrino Update, thanks for all the feedback!

What's new:

Neutrinos, those little fellows can duplicate any Atom on the game field. Neutrinos spawn from a score above 1500 with a 1 in 50 chance.

GameCenter achievements, earn now GC points with Atomas!

Near death indicator: 3 little circles above the game field show you how many atoms are left, when you are near to the "Big Crunch"

Own music: You can now hear your own music and play Atomas at the same time.

Reset scores: You can now reset local high scores.
If you want to remove only invalid scores caused by a bug, hold the "Clear Highscores" button for 8 seconds.

Lucky charms show now when they are unlocked.

Hold your finger on the game field to see where the atom lands.

Problems solved:

- Hydrogen- Nitrogen colors have more contrast
- Black screen after Facebook login
- Atom-Plus hybrid, no more infinite pluses
- Slightly performance improvements
- Various little bug fixes

Impossible Atoms and Scores bug fixed. If you have such impossible scores you can remove them by holding the "Clear Highscore" button 8 seconds long.

There's also a new clean leader board, without those impossible scores.
The old one still exists, but is no more the official one.

A little ad banner appears in the end of a game at the bottom. It's not much, but it keeps Atomas free and also finances upcoming games. The first purchase of antimatter removes it.

Mar 06
Version 1.08

Currently known Issues which will be fixed in the next version:

-Screen keeps black when logged in with FaceBook
Current workaround: Wait some seconds until it switches to Facebook then tap cancel.

- Own Background Music doesn't work
Current workaround: Disable sound in game options restart game and start music from control center

- A Bug that leads to extremely high elements and scores

This Version:
- 2 new Elements: Flerovium and Livermorium
- Various Bug fixes and improvements
- Solves problem where lucky charms got deselected
- Fixed Twitter Follow me button
- Fixed problem where old Antimatter got overwritten by new one

Mar 04
Version 1.05

- 5 New Elements
- Fixed "Albert" Textfield bug
- Fixed miss placement of atoms after absorbing
- Fixed English names for Germanium and Gallium

Feb 24
Version 1.0

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