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Santa’s Hear- the app that makes YOU Santa Claus

Santa’s Hear transforms your voice - male or female, to sound just like Santa Claus in your home and helps make Christmas a real experience for your child on Christmas Eve.

To Create the Real Experience

After you have written your script of YOU being Santa...

• Record: Your script of you being Santa entering your home, delivering the presents and leaving
• Transform: Your recording to disguise your voice and sound like Santa
• Play: On your hidden sound device through your audio system to your child waiting for Santa with you lying next to them on Christmas Eve

Advantages of Santa’s Hear

• You have complete control over the content as to what Santa says and does in your home
• All the personalized content is confidential
• You can be as creative and magical and you want

The Helpful Elf

• Has given you some tips for when you are creating the experience
• Has written an example script if you need some guidance
• When recording your script have minimal background noise and have the volume at ½ to avoid distortion


• No added costs
• Time delay - as long as you want to get your child settled
• Record for as long as you want
• Record as many as you wish
• Record a new experience each year
• Transforms the male AND female voice
• Login security pin

 $3.99 in iOS App Store


Santa's Hear screenshot 1Santa's Hear screenshot 2Santa's Hear screenshot 3Santa's Hear screenshot 4Santa's Hear screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2014 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Oct 29
Version 1.4

Updated link to How To video

Oct 19
Version 1.3

Minor wording changes

Nov 17
Version 1.2

- Bug Fixes
- Performance Improvements
- Added Message Delay Option
- Use Audio Engine for 64 bit support

Jan 15
Version 1.1

- Added new audio effect - Audio Delay.
- Minor Bug fixes

Dec 20
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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