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Actions and results follow Business prospective and perception.
Commit to your gifts - get daily inspirations to help running your business or project.

Train your mind to have Business View and test daily decisions with random business thoughts.
Tip: Success is always rented ...

Business View reminds you to follow the best practices by showing tips, hand-picked by leading entrepreneurs.

Be inspired by a variety of randomized inspirational quotes and insightful messages to help you become more productive, focused and feel more powerful throughout the day.

Use it daily and this app will pay for itself within the first 30 days.


Every business and project gets "stuck" at some time. And when it happens - You will need to make a wise decision on the next step. Every entrepreneur has "blind spots" - you don't see something important or not paying attention.

Business View helps you to get "un-stuck".


- Business mindset ideas & quotes

- Reminders to look at "bigger picture" - with variety of timer options

- Organized categories

- Gentle sounds

- Full Moon & New Moon reminder alerts



- Use business reminders daily
- Take a moment to acknowledge and repeat each reminder
- Be gentle with yourself and gradually become more focused and empowered
- Follow your goals

Invest time in training your mindset and you will be proud of your results ...

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Version History

Launched Jan 04, 2015 (about 4 years ago).
Jan 29
Version 1.2

- updated moon calendar for 2016-2017
- updated tabs icons and hanged background color
- tested for latest iOS devices

Jan 05
Version 1.1

Minor changes:
- iOS8: added request for User Notification Settings (iOS8 requirement)
- Fixed: setting recent messages property

Jan 04
Version 1.0


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