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"Bottom Line: 6th Grade Math offers and easy to use review and practice app covering all of the basics of math for the grade level. This basic, no-frills app gives kids a great resource to help with comprehension of required math skills for 6th grade."
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Math Galaxy’s Sixth Grade Math covers all of the Common Core math standards for sixth grade as listed below.
The concepts are presented in bite-size pieces with an unlimited supply of practice problems, with numbers chosen randomly.
Illustrations are used throughout to reinforce the concepts.
By solving problems students earn robots to use in a maze game.
Certificates and summaries of scores can be emailed to be printed.
A stylus is recommended with iPhones.


Understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems.

Ratios & Proportions

Understanding Ratios (6.RP.1)
Rates (6.RP.2)
Ratios in Tables (6.RP.3a)
Ratios on Graphs (6.RP.3a)
Proportions (6.RP.3, 3b)
Converting Units (6.RP.3d)
Similar Figures (6.RP.3)

Percents (6.RP.3c)

Percents & Decimals
Fractions, Decimals, Percents
Finding %, Part, Whole
Percent Word Problems


Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions.
Compute fluently with multi-digit numbers and find common factors and multiples.
Apply and extend previous understandings of numbers to the system of rational numbers.

Multiplying Fractions (6.NS.1)
Dividing Fractions (6.NS.1)
Fraction Word Problems (6.NS.1)
Multi-Digit Division (6.NS.2)
Decimal Operations (6.NS.3)
Factors (GCF & LCM) (6.NS.4)
Negative Numbers (6.NS.5, 6)
Absolute Value (6.NS.7, 8)
Ordering Rational Numbers (6.NS.7)


Apply and extend previous understandings of arithmetic to algebraic expressions.

Exponents (6.EE.1)
Translating to Algebra (6.EE.2)
Order of Operations (6.EE.2c)
Simplifying Expressions (6.EE.3, 4)

Reason about and solve one-variable equations and inequalities.

Solving Equations & Inequalities (6.EE. 5, 6, 7, 8)
The Balance Beam 1-Step
The Balance Beam 2-Step
1-Step Equations
2-Step Equations
Unknown on Both Sides
1-Step Inequalities
2-Step Inequalities
Algebra Word Problems

Represent and analyze quantitative relationships between dependent and independent variables.

Independent & Dependent Variables (6.EE.9)


Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume.

Area & Perimeter (6.G.1)
Complex Areas (6.G.1)
Volume (6.G.2)
Area of Polygons (6.G.3)
Drawing Polygons (6.G.3)
Surface Area with Nets (6.G.4)


Develop understanding of statistical variability.
Summarize and describe distributions.

Statistical Questions (6.SP.1)
Mean, Median, Mode, Range (6.SP.2, 3)
Box-and-Whisker Plots (6.SP.4, 5)
Bar Graphs & Histograms (6.SP.4, 5)
Pictographs (6.SP.4, 5)
Dot Plots (6.SP.4)
Histogram Plots (6.SP.4)
Bar Plots (6.SP.4)
Mean & Median Plots (6.SP.4)


Labyrinth (a maze game - robots are earned in exercises.)

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Version History

Launched Dec 09, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Mar 10
Version 3.0

Added Schoolwork support for teachers with Apple School Manager and iOS 11.3 or later.
For exercises done in step-by-step mode it reports time on task and number of problems completed.
In final-answer-only mode it also reports a percentage score.
For other users the exercises are the same and scores are reported in the app or can be emailed.
For other users iOS 8.0 or later is required.
Fixed scoring in Algebra Order of Operations and Geometry Drawing Polygons.

Nov 01
Version 2.2

Updated for new iphones.

May 01
Version 2.1

Added to algebra word problems, more translating to algebra, fractional volume, and dot plots in geometry.
A stylus is recommended with iphones.

Dec 28
Version 2.0

Added video previews.
Added fraction exercises.
Updated ratios in tables.

Oct 03
Version 1.9

Added exercises to rounding decimals, multiplying and dividing by 10s, multiplying and dividing fractions, and fraction word problems.

Apr 07
Version 1.8

Added videos on ratios and proportions, percents, percent word problems, negative numbers, and exponents.

Nov 22
Version 1.7

Added additional problems to negative numbers, absolute value, order of operations, and translating word problems to algebra exercises.
Added similar figures under proportions.
Improved responsiveness of robot in Labyrinth game.

Oct 07
Version 1.6

Added additional percent problems.

Aug 12
Version 1.5

Added background music (2 versions) and audio for correct answers in final-answer-only mode.
Settings for both are initially set to off.
To change background music, toggle the music icon off and then on again.

Mar 30
Version 1.4

Added support for iPhones.
A stylus is recommended for use with the iPhone version.

Feb 19
Version 1.3

Added summaries of scores in final-answer mode, which can be emailed to be printed.

Jul 21
Version 1.2

Added more detail to explanations.

Feb 23
Version 1.1

Fixed error in dividing fractions by fractions.
Made controls more responsive.

Dec 10
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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