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The Clemson University Events app contains guides to important events on campus. The app allows you to access event schedules, academic resources, food options and hours, campus maps and more at your fingertips 24/7.

Specific Event Guides are:
• Bridge to Clemson - Contains information about the Bridge to Clemson program from orientation through "crossing" the Bridge.
• New Student Orientation - The online guide to supplement materials distributed to New Student Orientation. Guide contains schedule, logistics and maps, contact information, social media, and more!
• Family Weekend - Family Weekend is an annual fall event held at Clemson University centered around a home football game. Family Weekend registration opens mid-summer and welcomes all families of Clemson students! The online guide supplements the programs schedule, events, and maps.
• Clemson Connect - Clemson Connect is the second part of the required Orientation at Clemson University. The online guide provides students scheduling information, requirements of Clemson Connect, maps and more.
• Housing - Residential Life Training (Private Event)
• Board of Trustees meetings - (Private Event)

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Version History

Launched Nov 25, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jun 14
Version 2.0.1

* Session Verification! We’re waiting to update some copy in other languages before doing a marketing blast.
* Linked sessions will now localize the date and time of the session.
* Improvements to navigation allow you to swipe to go back a screen in more cases.
* Fix a bug where tapping on some linked locations from a session / custom list item wouldn’t take you to the map.
* Fix a bug where sponsor tap events weren’t getting recorded correctly.

May 21
Version 1.9.1

*Updating LinkedIn API - MASTER.
*Actually fix note deletion.
*Fix note deletion crash.
*Fix Twitter and loads of other small things.

Apr 16
Version 1.8.1

* Invite only guides will no longer receive push notifications if the user does not log in
* Font size in the guide drawer (where all the menu items show up) now dynamically sizes to the user’s preferred font size.
* QR scanned web urls will open in the app instead of Safari.
* When the user is using a feature and it is removed on the guide publish, we’ll now close that feature and put them on the home menu item. This was specifically causing issues where Interact was the home menu item for a single guide app.

Mar 15
Version 1.7.1

* Removed automatically adding “Visit” to the todo item text
* Sessions/custom list items/general info HTML now
will use different sizes for h2/h3/h4
* Upgraded to Xcode 10 / iOS 12 SDK
* Fixed an issue where invited accounts wouldn’t automatically download the guide after

Feb 14
Version 1.6.1

- When creating a new account in the app, the user now has to explicitly tick boxes to agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We also implemented extensive analytics to track the user sign up funnel and see where drop off points are to boost our sign up rate in the future.
- You can now find “Right to erasure” in your account settings page at the bottom. Opening this shows the webview that allows the user to delete their account.
- Schedule tracks should now be ordered by name.
- Improvements to SSO to allow branded clients to use it without requiring the user to be logged in to access the app (we did this for Amway).
- Initial date of the calendar will now match android behaviour where it goes to the closest date today with sessions on it

Jul 14
Version 1.4.1

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Feb 01
Version 1.3.1

Mobile admin - guide admins can edit the schedule, and send notifications directly from the guide on their mobile device.
Personal Schedule Items - users can now add individual personal schedule items to their "My Schedule" in a guide.
Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Apr 11
Version 1.2

Design and feature updates. Minor bug fixes.

Apr 22
Version 1.0.2

- Fixes issues with full text search
- Various bug fixes and enhancements

Nov 25
Version 1.0.1

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