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Daily Riddle delivers a hand-picked riddle every day for your entertainment at a time you choose. So whether you want to wake up to a riddle or sleep on one - you can! Each riddle is carefully curated to ensure you only get the best. What is more, it's also super easy to share your Daily Riddle with friends and family on social media!

Packed full of impressive, amusing and mind-boggling riddles, this app does not disappoint!

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Version History

Launched Dec 02, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Apr 28
Version 1.4

* Support for Apple Watch - You can now view your Daily Riddle on your Apple Watch and share each riddle more easily from your wrist rather than having to get your phone out.

Thanks for your continued support! If you have feedback or are experiencing issues with the app please use the internal 'Contact Developer' option.

Mar 29
Version 1.3.1

- Bug fix relating to notifications.

Jan 13
Version 1.3

- Added new saving feature. Now you can save all your favourite Daily Riddles to view whenever you want. Access your saved riddles from the settings view.
- Added Shortcut for Saved Riddles: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can quickly access saved riddles right from the home screen using 3D Touch.
- Added ability to double-tap to save a riddle.
- Added left swipe for settings view gesture.
- Added the ability to disable the dynamic background colour effect.
- Fixed bug with application badging and notifications.

If you enjoy Daily Riddle please take a moment to leave a positive review on our App Store page - it's greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you have an issue, feature request or would like to submit your own riddle to be included in Daily Riddle please do so using the 'App Support' link within.

Dec 22
Version 1.2.3

- Fixed bug where users could not set their own Daily Riddle time that resulted in riddles not being received.

Dec 11
Version 1.2.2

- Fixed issue where Daily Riddle would not be delivered unless the user changed the notification time at least once.
- Added smoother animation between backgrounds.
- Small selection of new riddles!
- Improved backend code.

Oct 25
Version 1.2.1

- Fixed bug where trying to share a riddle would cause a crash for users on iPad. (Sorry!)

Oct 17
Version 1.2

- New Today widget is the most convenient way to quickly view your Daily Riddle in Notification Centre.
- Added support for Landscape mode.
- Improved interface icons as well as more suitable text sizes on larger devices.
- Improved settings area with added ability to contact support and write a review.
- Improved sharing feature; no longer limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Dec 30
Version 1.1

- More Riddles
- Facebook & Twitter Sharing
- iPad Support
- General Enhancements

Dec 02
Version 1.0

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