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This app assists with the setup of the game Resistance: Avalon. It allows you to select the special characters you are playing with. Based on your selection, it will narrate the beginning set of instructions, instead of doing that manually.

It contains high quality male and female voice over artists' recordings to provide you with the best experience possible.

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Version History

Launched Oct 22, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Jun 18
Version 2.2.2

Fixed an issue causing the app to crash on iPads when toggling the switches (Thanks to Thomas for reporting it).

Dec 04
Version 2.2.1

- Fixed an issue that cause the app to crash when clicking on the switch (Thanks to iamchriswallace)

Nov 30
Version 2.2

- Added a professional female voice over
- Removed the Assassin card, as it doesn't make a difference to the narration
- Small reduction to the app size
- Added a gaze time option beside the general pause one
- General Improvements

** If you like the update, please rate the app on the App Store :)

Oct 07
Version 2.1

- Hired a professional male voice over artist to do high quality recordings :)
- General improvements
If you like the new voice over narrators, please take a few seconds to rate the app, or update your previous rating. I would love to hear your feedback to keep updating the app to provide you with the best experience!

Sep 29
Version 2.0

► Added Lancelot
► Added a summary of the different roles (coming soon on iPads)
► Replaced the old narrator's voice with a normal, clearer and faster one
► Improved some of the lines to match the original lines
► Fixed the rate app button
► Minor bug fixes
► General improvements

Sep 24
Version 1.6

► Layout improvements
► Added a link to Audio Assistant for Hidden Agenda
► Minor bug fix when reopening the app after locking the phone while it's playing

Jul 24
Version 1.5

► When Merlin is in play, but not the assassin, control whether to allow Merlin to view who the minions are or not
► When Merlin is in play, but not Morgana, control whether to allow Percival to view who Merlin is or not
► Added an option to contact us directly
► Fixed a bug in sharing the app in iOS 7 & iPads
► General improvements
► Simpler User Interface

Jun 03
Version 1.4

► iPad compatibility
► Minor reduction of the app size
► Share app option
► General improvements

May 21
Version 1.3

- Layout improvements & better images
- Added Basic settings page
- Removed ads for paid users

Usually, if you're playing with Merlin without the Assassin, Merlin doesn't get to see the minions because no one can assassinated!
I have enabled the line which instructs Merlin to look at the Minions (even when Assassin isn't in play) since some users play the game differently.

Dec 30
Version 1.2

- Fixed minor bugs
- Changed the narrator's voice
- Improved quality of the sound

Oct 30
Version 1.1

- Minor fixes
- Improved user interface
- Clearer icon
- Compatible with iOS 7 now

Oct 22
Version 1.0

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