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SchoolDude’s CrisisManager allows public school districts, private and independent schools, colleges and universities, to publish their safety, emergency, disaster, crisis and preparedness procedures into an easy-to-use, 100% mobile platform. Increase the readiness, awareness, knowledge, communication, safety and response times for your staff, faculty and students – and put the power to quickly and safely respond to any event in the palm of their hand. Whether you have one or several emergency and safety plans to meet the needs of various buildings, locations, campuses or groups, CrisisManager is the solution for you. The CrisisManager app provides your faculty, staff, and students with your actionable emergency and safety guidelines – and event-specific contacts – minimizing the confusion of what to do and who to call for specific emergency events. Your organization’s plan is stored locally on each user’s smartphone or tablet computer, ensuring that they are always prepared to take action during a crisis – regardless of telephone or internet connectivity. Plans don’t have to be limited to standard emergency scenarios and specific uses – any situation where readiness, preparedness or awareness is critical can have a plan. You can add safety plans for Study Abroad, seasonal plans for Sporting events or Graduation, plans for the community and groups who rent your facilities, or a plan to address challenges like parking. It’s all customizable to meet your unique needs. Taking it one step further, CrisisManager is now equipped with Incident Reporting - allowing your staff, faculty, safety personnel and/or students to be an extra set of eyes during a crisis. Keep your students and faculty informed and prepared for the unexpected with SchoolDude’s CrisisManager app.

-Publish safety, emergency, disaster, crisis and preparedness procedures into an easy-to-use, 100% mobile platform.
-Increase the readiness, awareness, knowledge, communication, safety and response times for your staff, faculty and students.
-Quickly and safely respond to any event with information in the palm of your hand.
-Actionable emergency and safety guidelines – and event-specific contacts
- Event icons guide users to specific guidance and instructions
- Event specific contacts eliminates the ‘Who to call’ confusion during a crisis
- Prepares your users for what to do in case of an emergency
- Plans can be published for public or private groups
- Push Notification allows you to send a message to your crisis plan users
- Incident reporting allows you to send a report from the app during a crisis or event

- One-click launch of phone numbers or websites
- Push notification
- Images and diagrams
- Incident Reporting
- Secure protection for limited access
- Unlimited downloads and unlimited users
- Icon-driven for easy guidance during a crisis

CrisisManager is free of charge to users to download and view crisis plans.

 Free in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Sep 24, 2014 (almost 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 12
Version 3.5.0

•New workflow for sending push, email and text notifications
•Onsolve’s MIR3 and SendWordNow notifications services added
•Added support for MIR3 groups and templates
•Added support for SendWordNow groups and scenarios
•Refined the process for international users opting into text messages

Jan 11
Version 3.3.0

Enhanced security within the Application

Dec 14
Version 3.2.0

Fixes made for Polling features
Enhancements made to check-in processes
Enhancements made for Banners
User Settings has more Country and Mobile # checks

Oct 17
Version 3.1.2

•Integration with OnSolve's SendWordNow and MIR3 Technologies
•Email and Text Notifications to Plan Users
•Email and Text Notifications to PeopleSync Groups

Sep 12
Version 3.0.0

Added background app check-in and refresh processes
Fixed an issue with long URLs for the Panic Button feature
Updated the Password Reset workflow for better user experience

Additional Platform Enhancements Included in this Release:

Updated Encryption Standards
Enhanced PeopleSync to accept phone numbers and country codes in preparation for upcoming functionality
Security updates

Jul 03
Version 2.3.0

•GDPR Privacy Compliance settings for Account setup
•A Notification center has been added to the App
•Filtering can be applied to Shared Checklists
•Comments can be associated with each Checklist Item
•Photos & Image uploads can be added within Chats & List Comments
•User Settings has been added for Collaboration user name & Mobile Phone numbers
•Updates were made for Plan Banners
•Fixes to the Plan Attachment listing page
•Main Menu has been updated to re-arrange functions
•Enhancements were made for Account management

Apr 18
Version 2.2.0

•NEW: Shared Checklist feature
•NEW: Secure Chat feature
•NEW: Initial settings for SMS Notifications in Collaboration Services
•NEW: User Settings to support Collaboration activities
•Bug fixes and enhancements

Feb 19
Version 2.1.4

Restored flashlight compatibility with iOS 11
Fixed local phone variables to correctly store plan checkboxes
Enhanced plan downloads for better version control and security

Jan 15
Version 2.1.3

- Push Templates with ease of sending from the mobile app
- Security enhancements
- Fixed iOS app badging
- Added Poll history menu
- Added support for the iPhoneX

Nov 09
Version 2.1.2

Support for iOS 11
Support for Word and Excel attachments
Fixes for non-bitmap plan images, contacts collapse, HTML5 Datalists, & notification services

Oct 06
Version 2.1

- New Push message tone to identify this App from others
- Enhancements to the viewing of Attachments in library plans
- Improved performance for banners and account management
- Enhancement to embedded email links in Event text

May 11
Version 2.0

- New: Panic Feature for quick access to emergency contacts
- Updated User Interface for a consistent look and feel
- Enhanced Access to All Plan Attachments from the main menu
- Performance enhancements for Banners within Plans
- Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Feb 03
Version 1.7.0

Updated Splashscreen
Bug Fixes

Nov 15
Version 1.6.0

Version 1.6
- Security Enhancements
- Smart logic added to Events: now displays event diagrams, contacts, and reports if no content is included
- Removed Size Limits for Images Uploaded within Incident Reports

Aug 22
Version 1.5.0

Version 1.5
- Improved Event Icon Library
- New Look and Feel for Reports and Forms
- Enhanced GPS location for Reports and Forms
- Privacy Setting for the control of Personal Information within Reports
- Ability to flag fields as Required within Reports and Forms
- Order of Fields in Exports is now the same as the Report order
- New Plan Templates for the different Organizations
- New workflow for Account Creation
- Security Enhancements

Jun 29
Version 1.4.0

Version 1.4
- Encryption of client information on the mobile app
- Enhancement to allow for special characters in Account Setup
- Tap Event Icons to go directly to an Event Diagram attachment (image or PDF)
- Plan Banners for Library referenced plans are now optional
- Increased size limitations of photo attachments that are sent with Reports
- Hiding of the actions and contacts menu selections at the bottom of the Event if there are no Contacts

Feb 09
Version 1.3.1

Updates for iOS 9 compatibility

Nov 17
Version 1.3.0

- Enhanced Update Plans Function
- Faster Plan Loading
- Plan Banner Custom Colors and Expiration
- Security Upgrades
- iOS9 Support
- Fixed PDF viewing for iOS 9
- Bug fixes for Alert Alarm and Flashlight on some screens

Jul 21
Version 1.2.0

· Linear plan layout icons rendered smaller for better aesthetics
· Plan layout menu now allows for longer event names with banner
· Added logout button
· Smart migration

Apr 30
Version 1.1.0

- Enhanced Push Messaging service
- Enhancement for Contact Management, including Additional Fields, Sorting and Collapsible Lists
- Added banner to Plan Homepage that is actionable
- Enhancement to make Event Icons actionable
- New security option to add a PIN for access to a plan
- On first launch of the app there is new workflow displaying the ‘Add Plan/Search for a Plan’ page
- Plan Name and Event Name fields are lengthened to better support use with other languages

Sep 24
Version 1.0.0

Previous 3 versions


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