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Let's stay on top of your GPA with this app! Don't get surprised with your GPA after your grades are reported.

Try out the free version to make sure this will help you, then purchase the full version for $1 to manage your GPA through all your academics.

If you have ever:
• wondered how that C in Calculus II is going to affect your overall GPA?
• wondered what finals you need to study more for based on your current grade in the class?
• thought about taking another class to boost your GPA, but not sure how much an A in that "easy" elective would actually change your GPA?

Then this app is for you! Enjoy, and best of luck in your academics!

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Version History

Launched Sep 06, 2014 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jul 20
Version 2.5.1

Just some changes under the hood.

Jan 31
Version 2.5.0

When a user contacts me for support, a pretty .csv is attached to the email to help me debug any issues. This takes the effort off your hands as you won't have to perform that tedious task!

For total transparency, the format of the list of your courses is as such: Course Name,Letter Grade,Active,Credit Hours,Grade Points.

Jan 18
Version 2.4.2

This update brings some improvements to empty states that helps new users out. I also changed some information text around in a few places. Happy studying!

Jan 17
Version 2.4.1

Introducing support for half credits introduced two bugs, and after some concluding research I made a change with how GPA is displayed:

- We display your GPA to four decimal places, unrounded. After looking at many universities, rounding was performed differently: some didn't round at all and looked at the first two decimal places, others rounded to the nearest 100th, and others the nearest 10th. We don't round at all now, and display to the 1000th. Check if your college rounds to determine your rounded GPA!
- Semester GPA was calculated incorrectly due to half credit courses. We fixed the math there!
- Introducing the new text field for half credits restricted the Course Name from being editable. You can change the course name again!

Sorry for those little things, but they had a quick turn around, less than 24 hours! Hope that didn't interrupt too much.

Jan 15
Version 2.4.0

Thanks to some of your feedback I discovered half credit courses are a thing! I added support for these by changing the course unit (credits) slider to a text field so you can enter the units. Hope your new year has been going well!

Dec 30
Version 2.3.2

Just changing how some things work under the hood. Happy Holidays!

Dec 21
Version 2.3.1

What happened?
• With the last version a crash was introduced for some users. That should *hopefully* no longer be the case.

How will I prevent this?
• While preventing crashes isn't always possible, if they do happen I should have the information I need to successfully address them. With that said, I installed Crashlytics - my go-to crash reporting tool. If any of us experience a crash, I will immediately get notified and jump on a solution.

Sorry this happened right during finals season, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Dec 19
Version 2.3.0

A user sent some feedback discussing how it'd be helpful to show the total amount of units, so I displayed that!

• Displays total units taken (only courses marked active are tallied).
• Moves the add semester into a button like we do with courses.

Best of luck on finals!

Dec 17
Version 2.2.0

Happy Finals Season, and Happy Holidays!

This update brings you:
• A bug fix in restoring point values to their default values.
• A new settings view with an added new option to toggle whether Fs are displayed instead of Es.

As always, good luck in your academics!

Nov 09
Version 2.1.0

I released two updates back-to-back so here's what's going on with that:

• After feedback from a user, I added three new grades: C-, D+, and D-. These correlate to 1.67, 1.33, and 0.67 grade points respectively.

• If you took out a second mortgage for the new iPhone X then I made sure it looks pretty for you on it!

Nov 08
Version 2.0.2

If you took out a second mortgage for the new iPhone X then I made sure it looks pretty for you on it!

Oct 17
Version 2.0.1

Thanks to your feedback we squashed a couple bugs! Woot!

• You can now delete courses & semesters by swiping to the left on the row (like most apps you use with this feature). Yay!
• You can now rename the semester by tapping the edit (pencil) icon! Sorry for missing that...
• Duplicate Semesters and/or Courses no longer crash the app. Phew.
• The semester title is now displayed in the bottom list of courses to clarify which semester you have selected.
• Hid the scroll bar as some of you reported that was hiding the GPA while you were scrolling. Yeet.
• Moved some buttons around in the course list.

Thanks for using, enjoy, and as always, best of luck on your academics!

Oct 03
Version 2.0.0

A new user experience sparked by a rewrite in Swift! Streamlined experience (less navigation needed) which looks great on newer phones! Enjoy!

Nov 10
Version 1.1.2

Bug fix around your cumulative grade point average being cut off on certain devices and resolutions.

Apr 09
Version 1.1.0

* More snappy UI, such as automatically entering a course or semester as you add them.
* Saving the data more frequently to ensure no data-loss, while keeping memory usage low.
* A few other general improvements.

Sep 11
Version 1.0.1

- Fixed a minor bug in editing your semester table.
- Memory optimization.

Sep 06
Version 1.0.0

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