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Signal Flags Communicator enables a unique form of communication using flag images. It is both a training aid to those wanting to learn to recognize the flags of the International Code of Signals, and an app to support and ensure privacy of communications, immediately, for anyone, with or without knowledge of the flags.

In operation, Signal Flags Communicator instantly translates written or spoken (via Siri) text into corresponding flag images, constructs a graphic representation of the text, and a proprietary FlagMessage file. Once the composition is complete, the graphic (PDF) image can be sent via email or text, and is printable on any AirPrint capable printer. The FlagMessage file, which is simultaneously created, is intended for peer-to-peer communications via AirDrop or email attachment. Recipients of the FlagMessage file, as peers, can use their own Signal Flags Communicator app to translate and interpret the message when received, and save it locally on their device. Since neither the PDF nor the FlagMessage file contain any scannable text, the communication is resistant to any text scanning by 3rd parties. When transmitted via AirDrop, communications are secure and directly from one device to another, with no 3rd party involvement.

Features include:
• composing, printing, and sending of flag images and message content via email, text and AirDrop
• A “native” app; all data is self contained in a protected form on the device
• can communicate securely peer-to-peer via AirDrop
• email capability uses a text-free proprietary format that cannot be scanned for text by 3rd parties
• text messaging support for transmission of flag image content via a text-free PDF file
• AirPrint support for printing flag images on all capable printers, including roll printers
• recipients without knowledge or access to the flags can read the messages via use of the app on their own device
• includes all International Code, and USN/NATO flags and pennants
• capability to setup a message book, searchable for message text or meaning

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Secondary: Reference

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Version History

Launched Sep 04, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Jul 01
Version 3.0

Various updates for iOS 13.5, including support for Dark Mode UI

May 29
Version 1.3

Bug fix for message book on iPhone devices

Apr 25
Version 1.2

Updates for iOS 9.3
Bug fixes

Oct 10
Version 1.1

Updates for IOS 8
Changed app Icon

Sep 05
Version 1.0

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