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Install Brainwell and have fun playing over 50 daily brain games, brain puzzles, brain teasers, mind tests, memory games and more. These free brain games will help you improve memory, improve focus, and raise your iq. We have memory games for adults and memory games for kids as well.

Brainwell trains attention, problem solving, memory, language, and visual skills. It is filled with challenging exercises for the mind, including more than 50 games designed with the knowledge of neuroscience. It’s an app for adults and kids to play to get a brain workout nearly anywhere – anytime!

One of the top cognitive games and memory apps on iTunes, Brainwell offers up to three different, free games per day. The app lets you test your mental math, logic, and more and challenge your cognitive prowess. By upgrading to become a Brainwell subscriber, you can access the full suite of 50-plus cognitive training games to stimulate your attention, problem solving, memory, and other functions. Brainwell offers a wealth of free brain games and puzzles on your iPhone, iPad, PC or Apple computer via our website. Challenge your mind anywhere, anytime!

The Brainwell brain trainer app is based on innovative neuroscience and lets you play while you challenge your brain. It offers some of the best tools for mind and memory stimulation, like free brain games developed under the leadership of experts in the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology.

Brainwell lets you:
Play Brain Games to Challenge Multiple Cognitive Areas

Play Brainwell’s brain games to test your memory, attention, and critical thinking. Use this brain trainer to exercise your language and visual skills and test your problem solving.

Brain Training Anywhere, Anytime

New Games Daily:
Every day, train your brain by playing personalized brainteasers. Challenge your IQ with fun brain exercises that are appropriate for kids or adults.

Performance Tracking
With Brainwell’s Performance Tracking feature, you can get a Brain Factor score and measure your performance daily with quizzes and memory tests.

Share Scores and Challenge Friends:
Connect to social media to compare brain training scores. Challenge others and compare your scores with kids and adults. See how you rank in mind and memory skills after each game you play!

Why Brainwell?
Brainwell is a fun way to train your brain based on neuroscientifically guided cognitive exercises. Our free games are created to challenge the mind and exercise memory through fun brain exercises that are accessible almost anywhere!

To create our Brainwell app, we gathered a special team of scientists and professionals from many disciplines, including cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, game designers, computer scientists, and software developers, and had them collaborate to come up with one of the best and most exciting brain fitness trainers available.

Download one of the best brain apps today! – Download Brainwell.

All subscription prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.

Your iTunes account will be charged beginning at confirmation of purchase for the entire term of the plan you choose and then again at the beginning of each applicable term. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Our 1-month and 1-year subscription plans renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of a subscription term.

VISIT US: https://www.brainwell.com
PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.brainwell.com/privacy-policy
TERMS OF SERVICE POLICY: https://brainwell.com/terms-service
GENERAL INQUIRIES: support@brainwell.com

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Version History

Launched May 21, 2015 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Oct 26
Version 2.9

In this new update we made improvements and fixed a bunch of bugs:
- Updated the color scheme for game domains across the app so it's fully consistent
- Fixed Brain Factor score text font that looked clunky on the Performance screen
- Fixed a few UI flaws across the app (shadows, etc.)
- Fixed the layout in the Social category on the Friends screen
- Updated the wey we show the version number in the app by adding build number to it
Enjoy your Brainwell!

Oct 02
Version 2.7.1

In this new update we redesigned our interfaces for easier navigation within the app:
- Daily Training is now showing all the games in advance when the Training starts.
- User Profile interface was renovated to provide an easier look at stats and achievements.
- Game Catalog's design was changed - game icons became significantly bigger, and now games are grouped by type.
Enjoy your Brainwell!

Sep 04
Version 2.7.0

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Jul 27
Version 2.6.0

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Apr 02
Version 2.5.1

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Mar 15
Version 2.5.0

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Jan 16
Version 2.4.6

**New Year is Better with Brainwell!**
- Performance improvements
- Game enhancements
- Bug fixes and optimization

Nov 28
Version 2.0.3

- Improved game performance
- Additional bug squashing
- Loads of holiday cheer!

Nov 13
Version 2.0.2

- Fixed a couple of minor game bugs
- Better support for multiple device types
- Extra shot of brain juice

Nov 12
Version 2.0.1

- Fixed issues with the Word Puffer game
- Fixed login issue that occurred with a few players
- Additional dazzle and magic
- iPad refinements

Nov 07
Version 2.0

** New Design! **
- A fresh new experience
- Game enhancements
- Heaping spoonful of awesome!

Oct 03
Version 1.8.2

- Responding to user feedback
- Adding a bit of delight and dazzle

Sep 19
Version 1.8

- Preparing for new games and fresh content!
- Stability improvements for older devices.

Sep 11
Version 1.7.9

- Added support for games that were not working properly on older devices.
- Preparation for an exciting new version coming soon!

Aug 22
Version 1.7.5

- Preparation for some cool new upcoming games!
- Formatting improvements for iPhone X series phones
- Game enhancements

Jun 03
Version 1.6.9

- Performance enhancements
- Minor bug fixes

May 22
Version 1.6.6

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Mar 05
Version 1.5.1

Optimization and bug fixes.

Feb 28
Version 1.5.0

In this latest release, we have focused on making bug fixes and refinements to improve your overall Brainwell experience.

Jan 25
Version 1.4.20

In this latest release, we have focused on making bug fixes and refinements to improve your overall Brainwell experience.

Jan 22
Version 1.4.18

In this latest release, we have focused on making bug fixes and refinements to improve your overall Brainwell experience.

Dec 21
Version 1.4.11

Bug fixes and optimization.

Dec 13
Version 1.4.7

Bug fixes and optimization.

Aug 06
Version 1.3.9

Ongoing bug fixes and optimization.

Jul 02
Version 1.3.6

We've made some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Mar 21
Version 1.2.36

Minor bug fixes

Mar 11
Version 1.2.35

This is a major app update which includes improvements to the games and user interface as well as numerous bug fixes.

Aug 07
Version 1.0.440

Bug Fixes

Dec 30
Version 1.0.425

Bug fixes

Dec 14
Version 1.0.420

Streamlined initial user experience
Various bug-fixes and optimizations

Oct 11
Version 1.0.399

Updated some in-app messaging

Oct 05
Version 1.0.398

Various bug fixes
Enhanced the following games:
- Super Connector
- Color Roll
- Bubble Babble

Jul 13
Version 1.0.391

Improvements to these games:
- Grid Lock
- Color Roll
- Puzzle Place
- Combo Connector
- Castle Climb
- Shades and Shapes
- Ski Spree
- Jockey Jump
Bug fixes
Performance enhancements

Mar 31
Version 1.0.339

Bug fixes
Performance optimizations

Mar 04
Version 1.0.330

Improved 'free user' experience
Bug fixes
Performance enhancements

Jan 24
Version 1.0.311

Bug fixes
Performance optimizations

Dec 29
Version 1.0.302

Bug fixes for various games
Score balancing for various games

Oct 22
Version 1.0.267

Brain Factor scale and calculation tweaked
Performance charts for better tracking of progress
Extended demographics for future comparisons
Fixed an issue with Friend Inspection in the Social panel
Various bug fixes and re-balancing of games

Sep 08
Version 1.0.243

- You can now specify custom training reminders
- Added filters for color-blindness and non-English fluency
- We hope you’re enjoying Brainwell! If so, consider giving us a positive review and rating on the App Store? Thank you very much for your support and happy training!

Jul 31
Version 1.0.221

Training Calendar to track progress
See your Fitness Test results all together now
Better stats for all game results
Improved algorithm for Daily Training games selection
Subscribers can now choose alternate training games
Fixed a bug where Daily Training would not reset

Jul 03
Version 1.0.188

Huge sale, 80% off for a limited time!
Much faster sync times with server now
Shopkeeper game enhancements
UI bug fixes and optimizations

Jun 03
Version 1.0.170

'Spot It': tighter puzzle generation
'Get The Pet': now with cool paw prints!
'Jockey Jump': goes the extra mile

May 20
Version 1.0.158

Fixed an issue with some menus on older devices.

May 19
Version 1.0.154

New users now get a Fitness Test
Menus and main UI refreshed
Various bug fixes

Mar 23
Version 01.03

Greatly reduced memory footprint for the app
Minor bug fixes

Feb 27
Version 01.02

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