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9 Letters... How many words can you make with 9 Letters? How’s your vocabulary? Why not play 9 Letters and find out!

9 Letters presents you with a single 9 Letter word with the letters randomized. It’s up to you to find the 9 Letter word, and any other 3 to 8 letter words.

There are different modes of play, so you can play which ever way you enjoy the most.

• With normal mode, use all of those 9 Letters to make as many words as you can find.

• With target mode, one of those 9 Letters becomes the target letter and every word you find must include that letter. This reduces the overall word count, but it is harder.

With both normal and target modes, you can also add a 30 second per-word limit to the game. You get 30 seconds to find each word. Keep finding words, or the game is over.

9 Letters has a comprehensive database of over 100,000, 3 to 9 letter words. There are words in there that we don’t even know!

9 Letters is easy to play. Simply tap on letter tiles to add them to your word. Tap again to remove them. Drag to reorder them, or swipe left to remove them all. It can’t get much easier!

9 Letters also lists all of your words where you can see them. Not sure if you’ve already found a word? Just scroll through and take a look! Alternatively, just try that word again and 9 Letters will let you know.

Turn on the “highlight” feature to ask 9 Letters to let you know when you have a valid word. It makes it much faster to play and is a great way to discover words you didn’t even know before.

Turn on the ’s’ ending detection, and 9 Letters will automatically check if that word you just found also has a friend with an ’s’ on the end. If it finds one, that friendly word will be added to your list automatically. Yay!

Exclude plurals and 9 Letters will ignore any words that appear to be plurals, making your game a little more interesting.

If you want a bit more of a challenge, use the 4 Letter minimum feature to eliminate 3 letter words from the game.

For people needing a different background color, you can change this in the options screen using the handy color picker.

9 Letters has great sound cues throughout the play so you can speed up your play by listening as well as watching.


If you have devices running iOS 8, you can use the fantastic new Handoff feature to hand-off your game from one device to another. Playing a game on commute home from work? You want to continue, and you have an iPad charged and ready? Just Handoff and off you go!


Scoring is basically all about how many words you can find. For every 9 Letter word presented to you, 9 Letters will calculate a percentage that you have to meet to be able to move on to the next word (unless you have enabled an option to defeat this).

For every word up to that percentage, you get a minimum of 1 point. For every word beyond that, you get much more. If you also manage to find the 9 Letter word, you get an extra bonus.

You can keep playing 9 Letters for as long as you want if you have disabled the 30 second per-word time limit. The only way the game will end is if you choose to end it. We just love having a puzzle to work away at, little bit by little bit.


Every ten words found can earn a hint to the 9 Letter word. You can also buy hints at special times, but not until you’ve progressed far enough into a game.

Please note that hints that are purchased are used immediately and cannot be stored for a later time. They can only be purchased during an actual game.

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Version History

Launched Nov 06, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Sep 13
Version 1.11

NEW FEATURE: Got your own set of 9 letters to punch in? Just tap on the new button and away you go!

Feb 24
Version 1.10

Updated for all the new iPhones and iPads and fixed a crash occurring on older devices running iOS 9.3

Jul 23
Version 1.9

Fixed the text color on some buttons to improve legibility.
(Finally) added support for the latest iPhone X models.

Jan 09
Version 1.8

Fixes a few display issues that crept in with version 1.7.

Jan 08
Version 1.7

* Updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X.
* Cleaned up some of the sound effects.
* Improved some of the animations so that they are smoother.
* Tidied up that options screen to make it more readable on smaller screens.

Jul 06
Version 1.6

Updated for iOS 11.

Nov 29
Version 1.5

A new icon and some minor bug fixes.

Jul 26
Version 1.4

* Fixed a bug preventing the hint being shown.

Thanks to your support! 9 Letters continues to grow and improve. If you have features you'd like added, or an issue you'd like fixed, please get in contact via support@pkclsoft.com

If you love 9 Letters, a review in the App Store can help a lot!

Jun 21
Version 1.3

New features!

* [REQUESTED] When moving from one word to the next, any words you've missed will be listed.
* All of the artwork has been redone, improving the quality for all devices!
* Changed the way word lists scroll so that the movement on screen is more natural.
* Fixed some annoying bugs with device rotation.
* Added support for the iPad Pro 12"
* You can now request the definition of a word as you enter it, or even once you've added it to your list by long-pressing the word.

Mar 16
Version 1.2

Thank you to everyone playing 9 Letters! I'm glad you enjoy it. This update brings a few things:

* A few small changes to make play more fun.
* For those of you that don't want to be asked about buying hints, you can turn that feature off now.
* Added some smarts to prevent the in-app music being played if you have your own music running.
* I've fixed a nasty bug that caused your score to be lost on a timed game.
* I've added a simple high score display to the main screen, so that you can see your best scores for each mode of play.
* Also updated for iOS9!
* A new icon! Do you like it?

Please let me know if you'd like to see any other changes to 9 Letters. What features would you like added? Be sure to drop by and rate the app in the App Store! Let others know how much you love playing!

Jan 08
Version 1.1

• Added support for portrait mode! Yes, you can play 9 Letters on your shiny new iPhone 6 or 6+ in Portrait mode now.
• New Feature: Choose your own background color!
• New Feature: Exclude words that are plurals from the list of 'correct' words.
• New Feature: Exclude 3 letter words!

It's awesome!

If you love 9 Letters, and I hope you do, please take a few minutes to post a review and rate it in the App Store.

Have a great wordy day!

Nov 07
Version 1.0

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