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This futuristic, yet strangely retro technology allows you to break the secret codes supplied in the 1960s Sci-Fi comic "TV Century 21".

The original issue of the comic on January 23rd 1965 came with a functionally identical code-breaker but, more than 50 years later they are a very rare beast indeed and possibly chewed and mouldy as they were made of thin card and paper. So, if you have some old copies of the magazine (and you can buy them online!) and you've been yearning to know what those secret messages at the foot of the pages were then this is just the app you've been looking for!

If you were feeling mischievous you could of course encode your own messages to surprise your friends on Social Media. :-)

*) Supports Red and Blue encoding and decoding
*) Shake to clear
*) Exciting futuristic, retro look, feel and sounds
*) Escapist fun and silliness
*) Auto decode message shared by fellow agents
*) VoiceOver support

Please contact me through my website if you have any questions.

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Version History

Launched Aug 14, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

May 31
Version 1.7

• Switches replaced - now works better at night where possible

Apr 01
Version 1.6

* Replaced faulty Unicode translation unit to provide correct punctuation transfer
* Enhanced VoiceOver compatibility
* Cleaner interface with the new Help page
* Requires at least iOS 12

Jul 21
Version 1.5

• ‘Convert’ button now enabled and disabled consistently
• Enhanced text box appearance
• Shadows drawn correctly when there is a lot of text
• VoiceOver fixes for the ‘Convert’ button
• The Black Tablet web link now shows the Identicode FAQs
• Tweaked icon

Apr 17
Version 1.4

• Text fields now make full use of the device’s screen.
• iPhone 4s users now get the Black Tablet button too!
• Sharing or copying encoded text now tags it with the type of encoding and applies it automatically when pasted in someone else’s Identicode app.
• ‘Convert’ button is unavailable until keyboard is dismissed.
• Tapping “IDENTICODE” shows the app’s version number.
• Encode, rather than decode is now selected at launch time.
• Improved VoiceOver support.
• Broken green bulbs replaced with purple.
• Small bug fixes.

Sep 23
Version 1.3

You can now use the Share button to easily send your coded messages to fellow ‘agents’ ;-)

Fixed a crash when closing the app without having coded any text

If you enjoy using Identicode then please leave a review; if not, contact me. Thanks.

May 09
Version 1.2

• ‘~’ character is no longer ignored when encoding/decoding
• Switching between encode and decode now clears any text
• Editing input text after conversion changes output text to white as a reminder that they no longer match.

Sep 06
Version 1.1

* Repaired faulty numeric translater unit
* Input conversion to uppercase is now forced

Aug 15
Version 1.0

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