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Price Down! To apologise from the bugs of the last update, the inApp purchases are free for the next 24 hours!
The best Truth or Dare game for fun, dirty and sex game!

Simple rules:
> Spin the wheel,
> The designated player choose truth... or dare
> Have fun!

Prepare yourself for the best night ever! Truth or Dare is a game with over 1200 exceptional dares and questions, and you can create your own dares!

"I had the most incredible party of my life" - Anthony

We have developed dares optimised for players’ relationships and genders. We have dares like:
- Example (dare): Marie you have to dance with Julien and Antoine
- Example (dare): Antoine, while blindfolded you have to taste a food chosen by Marie and guess what it is
- Example (Soft dare): Antoine you have to give Marie a massage
- And many others
We are Americans and all our dares were originally written in English, it is in any case a translation into a foreign language

The truths and dares are split into 6 levels of difficulty;
Normal Mode
β€’ Easy
β€’ Average
β€’ Hard
β€’ Hot
β€’ Spicy
β€’ Dirty

Discover our dares made especially for couples. Rediscover your partner and pass boundaries you never thought you would reach before. We wrote some amazing questions to better discover your partner.

We have created dares specifically for groups, you are going to have an unforgettable night! Break the ice between everyone at your party and form new bonds.
**Have loads of fun and have an unforgettable night**

This app does not connect to the internet. The dares you are playing and those that your players create remain on your phone! No data is sent to our servers, your party stays anonymous!

- I never thought it would of ended like that, no regrets! – Marie
- It ended 3 years of hoping to kiss her, thanks to this great app
- I had the most incredible evening of my life, with my friends

We are maintaining this app indefinitely. You can contact us at any time to flag up a mistake or to give us a suggestion. We push out corrections very quickly with the aim of making the best Truth or Dare app!

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Truth or Dare !? (Fun & Dirty Game) screenshot 1Truth or Dare !? (Fun & Dirty Game) screenshot 2Truth or Dare !? (Fun & Dirty Game) screenshot 3Truth or Dare !? (Fun & Dirty Game) screenshot 4Truth or Dare !? (Fun & Dirty Game) screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Aug 06, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Nov 30
Version 3.0.3

Fix a random bug when launching the game. Sorry!
iPad Pro support.
New dares for this amazing truth or dare game.
Enhanced User Interface!
Fix a bug with custom dares for multiplayer parties

Nov 17
Version 3.0.2

/\ For people having the previous version and experimenting some crashs. Please delete and install again the app. An update is under review. Sorry!
iPad Pro support.
New dares for this amazing truth or dare game.
Enhanced User Interface!
Fix a bug with custom dares for multiplayer parties

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Jul 31
Version 3.0.1

Improvements and new help view for creating custom dares.
Fix a translation issue.

Jul 02
Version 3.0

New logo, new look, new dares!
You are now able to create your own custom dares and questions!
The best truth or dare game ever.

If you like this new version do not hesitate to add or post a comment. Something wrong? Send us an email we will take care of all demand!

Jan 05
Version 2.2

Improved random Truth & Dares : the dare are different each time !
User Interface improvements, new sounds.
We add new dare and fix the signalled mistakes, thanks a lot.

Oct 22
Version 1.2.1

Fix bug, thanks players for your reporting !
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+ Launch screen

Oct 14
Version 2.1

Now more than 1200 Truth or Dare ! (600 added)
Every truth and dare have been corrected for mistakes.
Fixed a bug : None of text is popping up for some languages

Aug 06
Version 2.0

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