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Join over 1 million people using Fudget - the easiest to use & highest rated (4.8/5) budget app on the store! Download now and save money!

*** Recently featured on the Fox 5 Atlanta TV station ***

"Fudget takes the stress out of managing your money" — Engadget

"Tally expenses for a business trip...or keep track of how much you're spending in real-time on vacation" — Fox 5 Atlanta (TV)

"Good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking work expenses." — Forbes

“Fudget's less-is-more approach is a Zen-like take on managing your money...” — TUAW.com


“Great budget tool! The best tool I have found in the App Store. Hands down”
— Mr_clutch43, USA

“Best budget app out there! No ads and simple interface equals perfect for what it is supposed to do! Well done creators!!! 5/5”
— Ondey101, New Zealand

“FINALLY, a simple app for budgeting. I'm a young gal, and every other app went way too much into detail for me about financial stuff I didn't even know anything about. If you are looking for an app to just lay out what you make and what you need to pay, this is for you.”
— Kristaaaaaaaaa, Canada

“The best! I've used several budget planners from the App Store and this little beauty is the best of the lot. Simple in design and very easy to use - absolutely perfect. Thank you”
— Wolfsbane71, UK


- Much simpler than other apps - see people's reviews!
- Create simple lists of incomings & expenses - keep track of the balance
- Learn the interface in seconds
- One-tap adding & editing
- Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future budgets
- No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly or however you like
- Drag to reorder items
- Mark an expense/income item as "paid" - optionally view the balance of only your Paid items
- Choice of currency symbols (or choose your own)
- Passcode lock & login
- Touch ID login - secure your app and data with your fingerprint
- Universal app - install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

PRO FEATURES (require in-app purchase);

- Dropbox Save & Restore - easily share your budgets with yourself across your devices or even with a loved one. Save your data securely to Dropbox and restore later to any device
- Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes
- Calculator - quickly calculate values (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and insert into your budget
- Export CSV - export any budget to a .csv file and open in your spreadsheet software
- Remove ads

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Version History

Launched Jul 27, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Sep 17
Version 1.9.2

Fixed date picker issues

Sep 10
Version 1.9.1

- Fixed "sort by date" issue

Sep 08
Version 1.9.0

- Essential Database improvements
- Added a new date picker

Sep 14
Version 1.8.6

Fudget is ready for iOS 13!

Apr 30
Version 1.8.5

- Add "All budgets" balance on Budgets page

Dec 19
Version 1.8.4

- Fixed cursor that wouldn't move within fields
- Fixed slow loading times / crash on long budgets
- Added social media links to Settings page

Oct 31
Version 1.8.3

Fixed iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max layout issues

Oct 29
Version 1.8.2

- Stopped "Thanks for upgrading" popup appearing unnecessarily
- Fixed style issues on iPhone XR & iPhone XS Max

Oct 28
Version 1.8.1

Fixed issue on iPhone 6/7/8 on iOS 12 where keyboard would obscure fields at the bottom of the page when editing them

Oct 25
Version 1.8.0

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Jul 18
Version 1.7.9

- Bug fixes

May 16
Version 1.7.8

- You can now view a running balance of your budget items (Options > Show running balance)
- Pro users can now sort by date, name or amount (Options > Sort entries)
- Free users can now try any Pro Feature (Options > Try any Pro feature)
- iPhone X users can now login with Face ID

May 03
Version 1.7.7

Free users can now try any Fudget Pro feature free for one day by watching a video.

Apr 20
Version 1.7.6

- Fixed Dropbox login issue

Apr 19
Version 1.7.5

- Fixed disappearing items (on scroll) bug
- Fixed iOS 9 startup crash
- Fixed sorting issues

Apr 17
Version 1.7.4

- Fixed iOS 11.3 crashes
- Other bug fixes

Apr 05
Version 1.7.3

- Fixed crash bugs on iOS 11.3
- Fixed sorting / scrolling bug on iOS 11.3

Feb 22
Version 1.7.2

- Fixed Touch ID login issues
- Fixed some iPhone X layout issues
- Other minor bug fixes

Dec 18
Version 1.7.1

Fixed iPhone X layout issue

Nov 27
Version 1.7.0

Huge thanks to over half a million people now using Fudget - the easiest to use & highest-rated (4.8/5) budget app on the store!

This update contains bug fixes & performance improvements

Nov 01
Version 1.6.9

- iPhone X compatibility
- Fixed iPad bug where date couldn't be cleared
- Fixed issue where header buttons were sometimes disabled

Oct 21
Version 1.6.8

- Design improvements

Oct 18
Version 1.6.7

- Fixed the walkthrough crash bug
- Currency symbol now automatically set to £ for UK users on first run

Oct 04
Version 1.6.6

- Restored iPad landscape mode

Oct 01
Version 1.6.5

- Bug fixes
- Design improvements

Aug 11
Version 1.6.4

- Fixed issue where the free trial was not unlocking after sharing the app via Twitter
- Fixed issue where exported budgets were all being given the same name

Jul 18
Version 1.6.3

* Chart improvements - Now, if you have several income or expense items with the same name (e.g. "Groceries") these items will be grouped and added together as one slice on the chart. You can also now disable the "Other" grouping option which groups smaller value items into one "Other" slice.

* Balances now shown on Budgets screen - You can now see the balance of all your budgets at-a-glance on the list of budgets.

* Dates carry over - Dates for starred items now carry over from month to month. E.g. 24th June will carry over to 24th July.

* Undo - Deleted an income or expense item by mistake? Just tap "Undo" from the Options menu to restore it.

* Disable "swipe-to-delete" - Don't like the "swipe to delete" option? You can now disable this on the Settings page.

* Walkthrough for new users - Fudget now features an interactive walkthrough for first time users. This will guide the user through all of the app's key features interactively when they first start the app.

* FAQs - There is now an FAQs option on the Settings page, which will open a web page with a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

Jan 04
Version 1.5.3

- Fixed Dropbox login issue
- Added placeholder text for date fields

Dec 31
Version 1.5.2

- Fixed issue where 'paid' balance was not being calculated properly
- Massively improved performance of budget being loaded
- Got toggling of Income/Expense total and Balance/Paid to persist after quitting/restarting

Dec 20
Version 1.5.1

- Fixed the crash and other bugs from 1.5
- Improved the toggling of balances
- Added dates to exported csv

Dec 16
Version 1.5

- Date column - you can now add dates to your entries - just switch on the date column in the menu
- Made it more obvious that you can toggle between total expenses / total income and balance / paid
- Bug fixes

Oct 07
Version 1.4.8

- Added Dropbox Save & Restore - easily share your budgets with yourself across your devices or even with a loved one. Save your data securely to Dropbox at any time and then restore later to any device (requires the Fudget Pro Upgrade)
- Added an extra level of data protection. Your data is now securely backed up to persistent storage on your device for extra security
- Added the AED currency symbol
- Improved the usability of switches on the settings page
- Minor bug fixes

May 12
Version 1.4.6

- Fixed the floating Option menu bug in iOS 8
- Fixed chart bug

May 08
Version 1.4.5

- You can now view your expenses in a pie chart!
- You now get prompted whether or not to add your Starred items when opening a new budget
- You can now join the Fudget Newsletter via Settings
- You can now toggle between Balance and Paid in the balance area (requires Pro Upgrade)

Apr 19
Version 1.4.4

- Restored landscape orientation to iPad
- Restored black background color

Apr 15
Version 1.4.3

- You can now mark an item as "paid" (requires Pro Upgrade). Swipe left on an expense/income and tap Paid!
- You can now tell your friends about Fudget from the Settings page!
- You can try the Pro Upgrade for 14 days

Jan 22
Version 1.3

- Now when you open your budget, you will be taken straight to the bottom. Saves you the hassle of scrolling all the way down every time you want to quickly open the app and add an entry.
- You can now tap to toggle between total income and total expenses on the bottom left.
- You can now tap the title bar to jump to the top
- You can now be emailed your passcode in case you forgot it
- Banner ads added (sorry - I needed to add these in order to keep working on the app). These can be removed by purchasing the Pro Upgrade if you haven't already
- Bug fixes

Aug 24
Version 1.2

- Fixed issue where 'Add Budget' button was not working on iOS 8.4.1

Jun 04
Version 1.1

Huge thanks to all the people who gave feedback on the first version of Fudget. This feedback has contributed to this absolutely huge update which includes:

- A brand new, beautiful look & feel
- Several new currency symbols
- You can now add your own custom currency symbol
- Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- Passcode lock & login
- Landscape mode for iPad
- You can now add a new entry while you're still editing another
- You can swipe an item far left to delete it.

This update also includes a new Pro Upgrade (requires in-app purchase) with even more features:

- Themes (8 gorgeous color schemes)
- Calculator - calculate values (using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and insert straight into your budget item
- Export a budget to CSV and open in your spreadsheet software
- Touch ID login

Jul 27
Version 1.0

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