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Respond to live Poll Everywhere questions with the Poll Everywhere app for iOS. Sign in and register with speakers for attendance or graded questions. Review your response history and check correctness. Download Poll Everywhere for iOS today, and be ready for your next interactive class or event.

About Poll Everywhere:

Poll Everywhere adds live audience interaction to PowerPoint so presenters can deliver more impactful presentations. It’s a web-based audience response system that lets speakers embed activities directly into their presentations. The audience responds using the app, a private response page, or via SMS texting. The results update in real time for all to see.

"Someone would type in their answer and see it go up on the screen instantly. It's empowering. That's the true power [Poll Everywhere] has unlocked for us."
-- Brad Parler, Blinds.com

About Poll Everywhere for iOS:

This mobile app is the perfect audience companion for a Poll Everywhere presentation. Students and audience members respond to polls from the app on their phones or tablets. Participants can sign in to track their attendance or graded response scores. Individual response histories are saved in the app.

"[Poll Everywhere] has been essential for understanding the experience our audience is actually having, as opposed to imagining what experience they're having."
-- Gabriel Grant, Author, Breaking Through Gridlock

Poll Everywhere for iOS key features:

>> Sign in or create an account to track attendance and assessment
>> Easily access recurring presenter sessions
>> Review your response history and check correctness
>> Respond to Poll Everywhere questions on your phone or tablet
>> Keep up with the current question. The app updates automatically when the presenter starts an activity.

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Primary: Education

Secondary: Business

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Version History

Launched Aug 06, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 14
Version 2.5.2

- Add Apple sign in support
- Misc bug fixes

Mar 11
Version 2.4.3

- Fix some login issues

Mar 02
Version 2.4.1

- Improvements for Q&A responsiveness
- Misc bug fixes

Dec 20
Version 2.3.0

Improved offline detection

Dec 18
Version 2.2.0

- Fix certifying phone number from some regions
- Misc bug fixes

Nov 09
Version 2.1.2

Fixes login issues

Nov 06
Version 2.1.1

- Added login status to homepage
- Misc bug fixes

Sep 19
Version 2.0.4

- Add menu link to register with a presenter
- Allow signing up as a participant
- Improved error messaging
- Consistent text styling
- Small bug fixes and improvements

Important: Presenter functionality has been removed in this version, please use our new Poll Everywhere Presenter app.

Jul 16
Version 1.32.1

- Presenter functionality is being removed next month as we now have a dedicated presenter app
- Updated homepage
- Improved Q&A response

Jun 24
Version 1.31.6

Fix login via SSO

Jun 06
Version 1.31.5

- Allow log in via Google
- Add filtering response history by presenter
- Add opt-in link to new presenter app
- Show expired account registrations
- Misc bug fixes

Mar 27
Version 1.30.3

- Add CSV export of response history
- Improved handling of unstable networks
- Update to latest Safari web view
- Improved responsiveness to taps
- Support swipe from edge to go back

Feb 14
Version 1.29.4

- Support screen names only for competitions
- Fix missing instructions image in some cases

Dec 19
Version 1.28.7

- Fix support of In-App Purchase
- Misc bug fixes

Dec 13
Version 1.28.4

- Support In-App Purchase
- Misc bug fixes

Nov 21
Version 1.27.2

- Added support for multitasking
- Improved response history detail display
- Improved large image response option display
- Improved login flow, particularly for SSO
- Updated support request page

Oct 12
Version 1.26.3

- Updated presenter registration flow
- SSO login improvements
- 5 recent presentations are now shown

Sep 13
Version 1.25.5

- iOS 12 improvements

Aug 29
Version 1.25.4

- Added ability to manage your account registrations
- Updated UI for response history
- Handle SSO accounts when resetting password
- Misc bug fixes

Jul 31
Version 1.24.1

- Ranked order activities have a new response interface
- SSO login improvements
- Competitions enhancements
- Misc bug fixes

Jul 06
Version 1.23.1

- Updated response history with a new detail view
- New activity creation flow for presenters
- Improved device theme integration
- Added support for additional activity privacy
- Presenters can now hide presenter notes messaging on activities
- Competitions improvements (beta)
- Misc bug fixes

May 25
Version 1.22.2

- Add ability to edit profile and certify phone numbers
- Login & Signup improvements
- iPhoneX improvements
- Competitions support (beta)

Apr 05
Version 1.21.0

- Add ability to undo answers for Open Ended activities (when enabled)
- Improve accessibility
- Improve register for credit messaging

Mar 07
Version 1.20.2

- Add ability to contact support from the menu
- Ask users for app feedback occasionally
- Notifications within a survey clear when switching between items
- Register for credit notice is clearer
- Misc bug fixes

Jan 11
Version 1.19.1

Fixes for remote control
Updated in-app notifications
Misc bug fixes

Dec 12
Version 1.18.14

- Support submitting screen names for sessions
- Updated response pages
- Misc bug fixes

Aug 30
Version 1.17.2

- Updated homepage
- New menu enabling easier navigation
- Response history is now on it's own page
- Keyword response is now on it's own page
- Login improvements
- Accessibility improvements

May 27
Version 1.16.2

Update Q&A tabs to be clearer
Show character limit for long responses on Q&A
Show participant names when enabled by presenter in Q&A
Improve drag 'n drop behaviour

Apr 01
Version 1.15.2

- Update color scheme and logos
- Fix SSO redirect issue
- Fix ranking poll inactive view
- Fix several survey bugs
- Handle a few connection errors more gracefully

Jan 30
Version 1.14.1

- Reinstate reverted improvements for copy/paste support for open ended questions.
- Additional changes made so copy/paste behaves for for batch voting in single page surveys.
- Accessibility improvements for screenreader compatibility.
- Timing and update improvements for response history for grading poll questions.

Nov 02
Version 1.13.3

- Fixes a SSO login issue

Oct 14
Version 1.13.1

- Bug fix for a login issue

Oct 12
Version 1.13.0

- Increase the size of draggable click region for Ranking Polls
- Give a warning if cookies are disabled
- Display the email address of the logged in user within Response History
- Make password reset link always visible from the Login page
- Bug fixes

Aug 03
Version 1.12.0

Improved authentication security

Jul 14
Version 1.11.3

New survey response method for participants
Ability to activate previously created surveys
Allow landscape view for mobile presenter
LaTeX support for math and science poll questions
Increased support for screenreader software
Improvements to mobile moderation and throttling
Improved error messaging
Updated icons for clarification

Mar 10
Version 1.9.1

Allow title editing when creating an on-the-fly poll
Allow html em, br, and b tags to style poll titles

Jan 21
Version 1.7.1

This feature update allows you to change your answer for multiple choice polls and clickable images.
Fixes a bug that hinders registration to a poll.

Dec 14
Version 1.6.0

Add past presenter history to voting page
Fix global keywords response history
Fixes to clickable images and registration

Nov 18
Version 1.5.0

Improved sign up and participant registration.
Participant poll voting visual fixes.
Allow Presenters to toggle correctness.

Oct 21
Version 1.4.8

Response history keeps up to date.

Oct 13
Version 1.4.7

- Fixed misplaced app icon in iPhone 6+
- Added copy/paste option to voting link for presenters

Sep 11
Version 1.4.5

Responded to iOS 8.4.1 update
- Fix unresponsive Log in buttons
- Fix unresponsive poll navigation buttons
- General bug fixes

Jul 30
Version 1.4.1

- Hide and show chart from poll controls
- Ranking poll fixes
- General bug fixes

May 19
Version 1.4.0

- Updated Q&A poll type

Apr 21
Version 1.3.7

Fix critical on-the-fly poll creation bug

Apr 10
Version 1.3.6

New lock button

Mar 03
Version 1.2.4

New Ranking Polls
New Presentation Remote
UI tweaks and bug fixes

Nov 03
Version 1.1.4

Bug Fixes:
• 3d-Party keyboard support

Oct 06
Version 1.1.3

- Faster load time
- You can now copy and share poll links with others
- Clickable image polls can now be created on-the-fly
- New notifications for when one's phone goes offline
- Design changes

Aug 06
Version 1.0.0

Minor style and layout changes. New, more helpful connectivity error messages. Other minor bug fixes.

Jul 03
Version 0.0.1

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