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This is the African Emojis We've Been Waiting For!!!

This has taken way too long to get African emoji!
There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set.

Gif Animation Emoticons Can Copy to Clipboard & Send to SMS
- Copy to Clipboard Support Messages ( iMessage )

Sending GIF Animation by iMessage

iMessage is only applicable for iPhone with iOS 5.0 or above.

User Guide:
1. Start up the app
2. Choose one picture for the category you like
3. Choose any animation you want
4. open "Messages" app
5. Find a recipient who has activated the function of iMessage
6. Tab content bar once
7. Select "Paste" to paste the saved animation
8. Press "Send" button

>> There are more and more people chatting with friends on phone by using some social contacting apps.

>>However, they are troubling with some common points.

>>While greeting to stranger, don’t know what good words to accost;
>>While chatting with lover, you feel the text message could not express your mood in deep;
>>While on your friends’ birthdays and meets some important festivals, you don’t know to type what to send your wishes with the phone holding on your hand.

* While meeting the problems above, do you know how to solve?

>> Download this app and turn it on. You will find you fall in love with it and all the troubles above would have been solved.

>> It is very simple to use this app. It could be said that although you were no familiar with iPhone, as long as you can play it for several minutes and then you could totally master this app!

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Jun 30, 2014 (over 6 years ago).
Nov 27
Version 2.1

Support for iPhone X

Sep 26
Version 2.0

1. Add more Live emojis.
2. Bugs fixed.
3. Support for all devices (include iPad) and iOS9

Jun 30
Version 1.0